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Jammeh and the African Bar Association

The last public rant by Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh to a group of fellows from Nigeria claiming to be the leaders of the African Bar Association (AFBA), showed just how unprepared Yahya Jammeh had been to even contemplate the possibility that he would ever lose power in The Gambia.
The African Bar Association (AFBA), which claims to be a non-governmental organization established in 1971, with the expressed purpose of uniting lawyers and national legal associations in Africa, undermined the very nature of their visit, by indirectly condemning the members of the Gambia Bar Association (GBA). The GBA had earlier called on President Jammeh to respect the election results and hand over peacefully  to the popularly elected President Elect Adama Barrow, come January 19th 2017. In the opinion of the members of AFBA,  the members of the GBA by that statement had taken sides, and by taking sides, they had compromised their neutrality as lawyers. 
What the members of the AFBA did not seem to …

A War Yahya Jammeh Just Won't Win

Yahya Jammeh is said to be secretly preparing his military forces to face the might of West African troops under the authority of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS). 
Senegal, which has been chosen for strategic reasons to provide the bulwark of the offense against Jammeh's resistance, does not only have a military that is more than ten times the size of Gambia's infantry and paltry naval forces, the Senegalese military is among the most technically trained in the West African region.  If Nigeria decides to intervene, which may not even be necessary, Nigeria can provide 90 troops for every single Gambian soldier. This of course does not even involve regional neighbors; Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Ghana and some of the other battle hardened troops in the sub-region. 
Yahya Jammeh recently boasted to a group of self appointed Pan-African conflict resolution experts calling themselves the African Bar Association, that he would never be intimid…

Is Jammeh now Challenging Allah's Will?

Those with even a small knowledge about the Gambia would know how Yahya Jammeh has over the years ascribed his every thought and action as being guided by and subject only to the will of the Almighty "Allah Subhanahu Aa Ta'ala," or "Allah the most glorified, the most high."
Obedience to the will of Allah (SWT) has been the main principle Jammeh has relied on to justify his iron grip on the day to day affairs of his small country. 
It was, according to him, the will of Allah (SWT) that was responsible for him winning four straight elections. It was also through the will of the Almighty that he would always emerge victorious over his adversaries in almost every political contest over the past 22 years. 
Even coup detats against Yahya Jammeh, according to him, had always failed because of the personal protection of Allah (SWT) and Allah's attention to the personal welfare of one of his favorite sons, Yahya Abdul-Aziz Jemus Junkung Jammeh. 
Subservience to the…

Jammeh Opts for the Gbagbo/ Campaore Club

Those who are blaming statements by the Gambian opposition as the main reason why Yahya Jammeh has decided to reject the Gambian election results, may not know the true nature of Jammeh. Oppositions statements of a truth and reconciliation type commission in The Gambia are just an unfortunate excuse.
Since the victory of Adama Barrow as President-Elect of the Gambia and the beautiful  concession speech by President Jammeh, some of us have been cautious in our praise for Jammeh. We were just not convinced that this fellow was among those who will easily let go of power without a fight. It was good we waited.
Yahya Jammeh may have done a lot of progressive things in the Gambia over the last 22 years. He built schools, hospitals, a university, a new airport, roads, and so on. But at the core of his being, he is a brutal dictator who believes that it is his divine destiny to rule the people of his small country forever. He will stop at nothing, as he has always done in the past to hang o…