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Massive Demonstrations in Washington Against the President of Sierra Leone

On Saturday April 11th 2015, Sierra Leoneans from across the continental USA and some from neighboring Canada descended on the U.S. Capital, Washington DC, to demonstrate against the illegal removal of their country's Vice President and other negative developments in the West African country, including the embezzlement of millions of dollars donated toward to the eradication of the deadly Ebola virus outbreak in the country by its authorities.

A few weeks ago, the Vice President of Sierra Leone, Alhaji Sam Sumana, placed himself under quarantine when a member of his staff reported died from Ebola. Seizing this opportunity a group of senior officials close to the President hastily convened a meeting of the VP's opponents and dismissed him from the ruling party on bogus and unsubstantiated allegations. The President then quickly proceeded to strip the Vice President of his elected position, even though the country's current 1991 constitution gave him no such authority. The Vi…

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