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The Sorry State of Sierra Leone

Over the past few weeks,  I have received various queries from numerous readers of the Segbwema Blog regarding a lull in the frequency of posts. I want to assure all our readers that we are following developments in our homeland Sierra Leone with a keen interest and keeping up to date with all developments, positive and negative.
I have taken some time out for personal  professional development and to also lend a hand to various nonprofit organizations engaged in the Ebola eradication effort. Many private individuals and groups are doing noble things in terms of mobilizing equipment and food supplies, raising awareness and support and preparing for the immediate post Ebola era in Sierra Leone, when a lot of individual and institutional help would be needed.
Here in Minnesota, Sierra Leone organizations like OneVillage Partners,  Rural Health Care Initiative, and the Sierra Leone Community in Minnesota  (SLCM) have been at the forefront of advocacy and resource mobilization for Sier…