Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Thomas Eric Duncan Dies in Dallas Texas

Thomas Eric Duncan
Thomas Eric Duncan, the Liberian man who became the first patient diagnosed with the deadly Ebola virus in USA has finally lost his struggle with the disease. Duncan left Roberts International Airport in Liberia on September 19 and came to Dallas on September 20 reportedly to marry his fiancée.

On September 24th, Eric Duncan felt unwell enough to seek treatment in a hospital in the Texas Presbyterian Hospital Dallas, but was unfortunately sent home with a prescription for antibiotics, missing a chance to probably save his life and prevent exposure of the deadly virus to his relatives and the wider community in Dallas. 

Duncan in Monrovia Liberia
Nobody was able to connect the dots between Duncan's condition and the fact that had just come from Liberia, the country with the worst Ebola outbreak in human history

Duncan became sicker when he went back home, experiencing fever and vomiting. On the 28th September, he was admitted to the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas hopelessly sick. Duncan unfortunately could not get access to ZMapp or blood transfusion and just began receiving experimental drug treatment after public outcry from the like of human rights leader Jesse Jackson and many other religious people and humanitarians in the country.

It is reported that Duncan died at 7:51 am this morning. His relatives who spent some days holed up in the apartment where he was living before going to the hospital remain quarantined, but have now been moved to another location. Duncan would either be buried or cremated in Texas with rigid protocols in place as his remains would be highly infectious.

Over the coming weekend, the American government would impose more stringent screening procedure for people coming from West Africa.

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