Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Sierra Leone's Chief of Melodrama Hands in Resignation

State House
Employees of State House, the office of the President of Sierra Leone heaved a collective sigh of relief yesterday, as the quarrelsome Special Executive assistant to the President, Sylvia Omotunde Blyden resigned her largely ceremonial position at the country's executive office.

 Over the past year Blyden had become increasingly tyrannical, rude and seemingly unbalanced . After quarreling with almost the President's entire cabinet and claiming she was only answerable to President Koroma, Sylvia's megalomania and her inability to work with the other members of the Koroma administration had caused her to become totally isolated, causing her to spend hours on Facebook and other social media, mischievously creating false profiles to attack progressive and decent Sierra Leoneans.
SEA Juju Horn Blyden 

The Special Executive Assistant had become an irritating itch in the rear of the Koroma administration for months, but the President had decided in favor of keeping his friends close and his enemies closer. He had opted against all advice to let her remain in State House in a bid to control her. However the SEA's random behavior on social media has become to much even for a President known for his loyalty to his friends.

Over the past four months Sylvia decided to embark on a mission of vilification and professional sabotage against the ex-Minister of Health Miatta Kargbo, using the excuse that the minister was not listening to her. 

Instead of going to the President with her ideas of how the Ebola virus was to be tackled, she instead opted to use social and print media to belittle her young female counterpart  who was not a health care specialist and proceeded to incite Sierra Leoneans against her. Blyden recorded the Minister's statements, highlighting Miatta Kargbo's mistakes and portraying the minister like a buffoon. Most Sierra Leoneans who were unaware of the severity of the virus started to personally blame Miatta Kargbo for every death that occured in the country. 
Blyden's Juju Horn

Though Miatta Kargbo like, all Sierra Leoneans, had little knowledge about Ebola when it first hit the country and made some not so wise decisions in the initial stages, she took the job seriously. Compared to a country like Liberia where the Ebola deaths has increased to 3 times the deaths in Sierra Leone, you can even say that Miatta Kargbo did not do as bad a job as people were led to believe. While Liberia is currently like Armageddon, with no beds available for Ebola patients, the death rates in the initial areas of infection in Sierra Leone  have decreased considerably because of the decision to quickly quarantine the areas. The day Miatta was fired, Sylvia was as happy as a child in a toffee shop.
Miatta Kargbo

But as they say, be careful what you wish for. President Koroma, instead of firing Miatta Kargbo, decided to recall her to State House, where she would work in the same office as Blyden. 

Confidential State House sources state that it was like mixing petrol and fire, as the two women found each other's presence so toxic that they simply could not abide working under the same roof, no matter how big the building. So it is reliably learned that the President, in order to bring peace between the two dueling champions asked Sylvia to just apologize to Miatta so that the past would be forgotten, as Miatta had pledged not to set her foot in State House as long as Blyden was there. 

Unfortunately for President Koroma, he seemed to have misjudged the nature of megalomania. Sylvia has such an exaggerated sense of self importance combined with chronic narcissism that she simply lacks the capacity to apologize. She opted instead to resign, bringing an end to months of drama and pandemonium at State House. There was quiet jubilation in offices when the news got out that the Juju queen was leaving.

Blyden's Special Executive Assistant position was one of the ill defined positions created by President Koroma to reward political allies after the election in 2012 and many people were wondering why he had to have a SEA when he already had a Chief of Staff and the State House communications unit. People have already started lobbying for the position.

The SEA over the past few months had open wars with State House Communications Unit's  Jarrah Kawusu Konteh, Vice President Sam Sumana who she labeled VP ASS, David Tam Baryoh, Alpha Khan, Miatta Kargbo, Sheka Tarawallie, Balogun Koroma and many more. She even accused her enemies of planting a "witch horn" at her house. On a visit to North America for just two weeks, the SEA almost caused the breakup of the Northern America chapter.

A confidential source stated that Blyden may be given an ambassadorial post out of Sierra Leone, to remove her from the scene and prevent her making further trouble. The source stated that members of the party were not ready to countenance any misbehavior. 

Blyden is however is a political chameleon who has been praised by President Tejan Kabba, was adored by rebel Leader Foday Sankoh and also adored by President Ernest Bai Koroma. Being a slippery character, she will continue to butt heads against each other for some time to come.

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