Cuban Team Joins the War against Ebola in Sierra Leone

The Cubans at Lungi
True to the promise of the Cuban Government and the World Health Organization, the highly specialized Cuban medical team of doctors, nurses, infection control specialists and other essential health care personnel have landed safely in Sierra Leone, determined to use all their medical expertise to kick the Ebola scourge out of the country.

The Cuban personnel were thoroughly instructed about the urgency of the situation in the subregion before embarking on their mission of mercy landed without incident at the Lungi International Airport, much to the excitement of the welcome party and other personnel at the country's premier air facility.

It is hoped that the arrival of the Cuban personnel will provided much needed relief to the health care workers and the other international health volunteers already working on the ground, and also help the country's Ebola response team to fine tune their existing strategy.

Sierra Leoneans in the diaspora are as euphoric as their counterparts in the country as the Ebola outbreak has been particularly heartbreaking for relatives away from the country, as the pain of loss and despair cannot be minimized by distance

We at the blog thank all those who are doing all they can to save the lives of our people. As a country we have presence in countries like Sudan and Somalia, helping them deal with their internal conflicts, and it is only human that we expect others to also come to our need when we are distressed. May God protect all those who have left their countries to venture in and help stop this outbreak once and for all.


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