Friday, June 27, 2014

FIFA has had Enough of Luis Suarez's Biting Antics

Luis Suarez
Soccer's world governing body FIFA has banned Urugyan striker Luis Suarez for four months following a biting incident in Uruguay's last match against Italy in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Though Uruguay advances, they wouldn't do so with the soccer genius who has an unfortunate tendency to bite under duress. Suarez bit Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini on the back in their tense qualification encounter and then pretended as if it was just an accident by clutching his teeth and feigning pain.

This is the third time the 27 year old Suarez who plays with British side Liverpool has been involved in a biting incident in the last four years. Suarez has been banned from all football activities till the end of October which means that he will be out of the remaining games of the World Cup and may also affect his stay at Liverpool FC. He was banned from playing for his country for nine games and fined $112,000

The loss of Suarez will be a big loss to Uruguay who has progressed into the round of 16 largely due largely to Suarez's genius on the pitch. They are planning to appeal the decision and has said the incident was purely accidental.
Hey this is no Accident!

The FIFA disciplinary committee headed by Chairman Claudio Sulser has however begged to differ after watching the human canine attack from several different angles and seeing the bite marks on the back of the Italian defender. Claudio Sulser stated that Suarez's behavior would not be tolerated at any pich, let alone the World Cup where the eyes of the world are trained on the players on the field.

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