Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Dr. Bai Bai Ahmed Kabia Jailed in Britain for Attempted Medical Fraud

Dr. Bai Bai Ahmed Kabia
A Russian trained Sierra Leonean medical school graduate, Dr. Bai Bai Ahmed Kabia, is in hot waters in the United Kingdom where he has been jailed for 15 months for making up different qualifications on over 1000 fraudulent job applications in UK's National Health Health System.

46 year old Dr. Bai Bai Ahmed Kabia, a graduate of Saint Francis Secondary School in Makeni Sierra Leone, proceeded to Russia after school in his home Sierra Leone and enrolled in medical school. Having graduated as a medical doctor from Rostov State Medical University, Dr. Kabia moved to UK in 1994 to start training in podiatry.

In order to obtain a job as a medical doctor in the UK's National Health System, Bai Bai Kabia wrote over 1000 applications, lying about his medical experience and even faking affiliations with professional medical associations and bodies. He was never successful in obtaining a job with the NHS.
Kabia Typing another Application

Authorities started to investigate Bai Bai Kabia when they noticed that many of his applications were full of exaggerated claims which were found to have no credibility. He was also very persistent, coming up with different claims for different jobs. He stated in one instance that he was a registered General Medical Council Doctor, was a member of the Royal College of Physicians, had a MSc from University College London.
Bai Bai Kabia, thinking that he was not getting jobs in UK because his qualifications were not good enough, made even more outrageous claims on each new application. In 2013, a particularly bogus claim during an interview caused the Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust to contact NHS Protect, the organization that monitors fraud in the NHS. NHS Protect then proceeded to investigate past applications by Bai Bai Kabia across the United Kingdom and discovered 1000 fraudulent applications he had made full of misrepresentations and bogus claims.
At his sentencing the judge said, "This was a persistent, deliberate and relatively sophisticated fraud, aimed at obtaining employment for which you were not trained or qualified in the NHS, The gravidum of the frauds is the danger to which patients of the NHS would have been exposed if any of the applications had been successful"
Bai Bai Kabia was accused of "breathtaking arrogance." An anti-fraud Specialist working at NHS Protect, Dave Horsley, said, "Dr Kabia submitted job applications that he knew to be false, trying to deceive his potential employers."Had he been successful, Dr Kabia's appointment would have given him direct access to treat patients. The custodial sentence reflects the seriousness of these offences and will serve as a powerful deterrent to others."
Many Sierra Leoneans are wondering why Bai Bai Kabia after all these rejections did not just return to Sierra Leone where there was such a shortage of doctors. One observer even said, "this fellow comes from the same area as President Koroma and they even share the same first name. He could have been a cabinet minister, as these are the type of people the President likes to hire. I don't know why he put himself through all this when he could have been a big man if he had come home."
The Segbwema Blog correspondent is not sure whether Dr. Bai Bai Kabia will appeal, but many Sierra Leoneans think he will likely go home after his jail term.
For more details of the story try the following link.


Mohamed Koker said...

I am a medical graduate from the former USSR and have been working in the UK National Health Service as a doctor for the past 12 years. I also know many other Sierra Leonean Graduates from the former USSR who are also working as doctors in the NHS. We all passed the UK Professional and Linguistic Assessment Board Tests (PLAB) as foreign trained doctors in order for us to work in the UK as doctors.

Since seeing this article, I have been in touch with several of my countrymen who graduated from any University in the former Soviet Union to learn more about him but no one seems to know him.

He is not known in the Medical Community here in the UK and should not work as a doctor in Sierra Leone even under the APC. Our people can cope with poorly equipped Hospitals but surely not with fake doctors.

Dr Mohamed Koker.

Tigie said...

Dr. Mohamed Koker, how did you come to know that the man is a fake doctor? Should not being known to the UK medical community made him fake? By the way, he was not employed in the UK medical community and how would he be known. Perhaps, the man might be a real medical doctor but just that he over exaggerated his experience and some organization membership. There are times conditions would force people to exaggerate on their resumes just to secure jobs.

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CHEZ said...

His case is the classic example of executive tyranny and judicial cock-up. He did not make a thousand applications. Another issue not mentioned in any of the sensationAlism published was Tha he passed his PLAB and did clinical attachments. We are working on his case and we are sure to exonerate him. Dr Koker has misplaced his explorative reasoning. I pray you do not get set up someday and stand alone.