Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Shady-Baby Shadrak Finally on iTunes!

Shady-Baby Shadrak
One of the best contemporary musicians from Sierra Leone, US East Coast based Shady-Baby Shadrak has finally dropped a new Album on iTunes. For the past three years, Shady Baby, with hits such as "Fukabaimbay," "Nor Go Taya," "My Own Style" and many other hits has been shaking dance halls in USA, Europe and Africa.

For a musician whose work was received with such universal acclaim, many have wondered why his music could not be purchased on the global digital music stores iTunes or Well that has now changed as the extraordinarily gifted rising musical star has just launched a brand new album on iTunes and many are already wondering when a compilation of his earlier songs would also be made available.
Shady Rocking the House

Shady-Baby Shadrak is a talented songwriter in the West African tradition, with fast lyrics mostly delivered in the Sierra Leone national dialect Krio,accompanied by serious percussion and a fusion of afrobeats and pop. Guaranteed to shake up dance halls wherever he goes, Shady-Baby's full length New Album "Prove Dem Wrong" was released on iTunes on Sunday April 27th, 2014 on the day of his country's independence for $9.90, a real bargain, as his songs are instant classics.
Watch Out for Him

Shady has toured extensively in USA and Europe to much success and is an emerging African talent to watch out for. His music is serious, sweet and infectious guaranteed to keep the spirits up and the leg moving. Any serous fan of new African music should have Shady as part of their music collection. 


Anonymous said...

Wow finally we can buy his album. The guy great

Unknown said...

Let's take advantage of it people

Unknown said...

Let's take advantage of it people

Unknown said...

Shady Baby please contact me at ASAP. I like your lyrics and soundtracks. You teach Sierra Leoneans about ethics, good governance, demonic spells on fellow sierra leoneans, and educate the general populace about the world we live in today. I have a lot say. But right now, I have written a lyric you might be interested to produce in your career as a musician. Please NOTE I have no Financial interest in this lyric. Look at it and think about. If it falls within your spirit to produce a record that vibrates and shakes the thoughts and thinking of people in Sierra Leone, so be it.
Samuel B.Pratt

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