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Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever Hits Liberia

Having ravaged Southern Guinea for the past few weeks killing over 60 people, the highly deadly and contagious Ebola hemorrhagic fever caused by the dreaded Ebola virus has been confirmed in the neighboring republic of Liberia.
World Health Organization (WHO) sources state that as of  this Saturday March 29, 2014, seven specimens taken from individuals in Foya Kama in Lofa County, which borders Guinea and Eastern Sierra Leone, were tested for Ebola with two of the tests coming back positive. Among the suspected cases, there has already been two confirmed deaths from the outbreak. The World Health Organization reports that blood work from a 35  year woman who died on March 21st tested positive for Ebola, as well as that from a 27 year old male patient who died on Thursday March 27th. As of now no cases of Ebola have been reported outside of Foya which shares boundaries with Kailahun District in Eastern Sierra Leone.
The Liberian authorities are collaborating closely with the world hea…

Sylvia Blyden Sierra Leone's Drama Queen at it Again.

Of late I have been wondering whether Sylvia Olayinka Blyden, the Special Executive Assistant to Sierra Leone's President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma and publisher of the Awareness Times gossip column is either a practical joker, has some marble loose somewhere, or is just plain mischievous.
Last year, spending just two weeks in America, she made up this story that members of the APC North American chapter have so much admired the work she is doing back in Freetown that they bought her a red Mercedes Benz. The uproar of the false claim almost fractured the North American branch of  Sierra Leone's ruling party in USA, causing the chapter leaders to quickly release a statement rebuffing her claims in a bid to calm down frayed nerves. The woman is a mobile trouble magnet.
As if all her claims of being the target of almost everybody in Sierra Leone is not enough, now she has come out with this fantastic claim that at 11.00 pm sometime this month a mysterious four horned object mysterio…

More Ebola Cases Reported in Conakry as Neighboring Countries Prepare.

Eight cases of Ebola have now been confirmed in the Guinean Capital Conakry putting the city in a heightened state of fear. These new cases include the four brothers who on Thursday came down with the virus after returning from burying their brother in the south of the country. The neighboring countries of Liberia and Sierra Leone have also started to investigate suspected cases of people showing the flu like symptoms, according to Radio France International.

In Conakry, medical teams have now been assembled to locate and isolate suspected cases in the city. Guinean authorities have banned the eating of raw bat and monkey meat, which are believed to be the main vectors of the highly contagious and fatal virus. 
The Guinean government has also appealed to the residents of the capital not to give in to panic, but to be very cautious in practicing basic hygiene, avoid eating raw bush meat, avoid interacting with people who are believed to be at risk, and reporting suspected cases promptly…

Ebola Spreads to Guinean Capital Conakry

The deadly Ebola virus which causes a type of hemorrhagic fever with a fatality rate of 90% and has been plaguing the southern region of the West African country of Guinea for several week and has already claimed over 60 lives in that area, has finally spread to the country's highly congested capital city Conakry.

The Conakry case started with the death of a shopkeeper in the Guinean capital on March 18th 2014. After his death four of his brothers were assigned to take his body back to their village. After preparing the body for transport, one of the brothers started feeling very unwell and went to the hospital where tests confirmed that he was afflicted with the deadly virus.
The Segbwema blog correspondent in Conakry reported that after this confirmed case, the three other brothers were also checked and all were discovered to be positive for the killer virus. Guinean officials have isolated all the relatives and even the health care workers and doctors who treated them. There i…

Beloved Ex-President Ahmed Tejan Kabbah Dies in Sierra Leone

Yesterday was a particularly sad day for me. I was driving on Interstate 94 in Minneapolis, listening to BBC West Africa Service on my phone through my car stereo when I heard the news that Sierra Leone's former President and long term UN diplomat Ahmed Tejan Kabbah, the man who practically dragged the country from the jaws of hell had died after a protracted period of ill health.
Over the course of several months, the health of the ex-president had seriously deteriorated and there were periodical rumors of his demise, especially when he sought treatment in the United Kingdom.
Ahmed Tejan Kabba, a veteran civil servant, diplomat, lawyer and politician will go down in the history of Sierra Leone as one of the most consequential leaders the country has ever produced and by far the most influential. His prime achievement during his presidency was bringing to an end the savage, brutal and senseless civil war that gripped the country from the early 90s to the early years of the last d…