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Success and Failure; Which is more important?

Throughout our lives we have been taught to value success and reject failure. In my country Sierra Leone, a man's worth is usually estimated by the amount of material wealth he accumulates. In our country therefore, the ultimate measure of success is material wealth one accumulates.
During the Soviet era, many Sierra Leoneans were given friendship scholarships to go and study in the Soviet Union. Many of these fellows came back to the country eminently qualified with degrees in technical areas such as marine engineering, automotive engineering, food preservation, urban planning and many other areas that were vital to the development of our country's resource base.
But alas, since these fellows had gone to a socialist country with essentially no way of making money during their intensive study, with the exception of short holiday trips to mainland Europe and the United Kingdom, most of them came back to Sierra Leone with great academic qualifications and empty pockets. They we…

Choitram Memorial Hospital Reacts to Public Outrage

Choitram Memorial Hospital in Freetown Sierra Leone, which incurred the wrath of many in the Sierra Leone community at home and abroad last week when postmortem photos of former military strongman Tom Nyuma who passed away at the hospital surfaced on social media, seemingly taken moments after the war hero's demise, has reacted to the outrage by handing over some employees suspected of engaging in the nefarious act to the Criminal Investigations Department in the country's capital.

When some conscientious Sierra Leoneans started to object over such wanton disregard of a patient's right by employees of the hospital, a few individuals in the Sierra Leone community, those who see everything through the prism of politics and others who were unfortunately just plain ignorant about patients rights, starting stating that those who were objecting to the outrageous act were just trying to make a big deal out of nothing. Even one cyber opinion leader resident in Norway said that pe…