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Segbwema Member of Parliament Hon. Abu Jajua's Inauguration Inauguration

Next month, all roads lead to Segbwema, the headquarters of Njaluahun Chiefdom, as Kailuhun Constituency 7 prepares to inaugurate the young, dynamic and hardworking member of Parliament, Hon Abu Jajua, an engineer and machinist by profession. The inauguration slated for December 22nd to 23rd 2013 is planned as follows.

December 21st-Arrival of dignitaries, delegates and guests.December 22nd- Day masquerade dance for the women and general population.December 22nd- Night Masquerade dance for the men.December 23rd- Inauguration ceremony followed by masquerade dance.December 24 and 25th-Christmas and Boxing day. Honorable Abu Jajua is gradually becoming the most hardworking Member of Parliament in the recent history of the Kailahun Constituency. He is easily accessible to his people, gives constant updates of his activities and is very responsive to problems affecting the people. His hands on approach distinguishes him from past MPs who spent much of their time in Freetown and only went t…

Dr Yumkella's Inspirational Speech to Alumni, Students and Stakeholders of Christ the King's College (CKC) Bo.

CKC 60th Anniversary Celebrations 
Dr. Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella's Address to CKC Stakeholders
Theme: Responsibility and Values  Principal, Staff and Board of Governors, National President of COBA, His Excellency Former V. P. Solomon Berewa, Honorable Ministers, Traditional Rulers, Mr. Mayor,  Elders of Bo, Former Ministers, Members of the Clergy, Members of the 4th Estate, Parents, Students,All Protocols Observed. Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen. I wish to express my deep gratitude to the Board of Governors, staff, students and the executive of COBA for inviting me to this 60th Anniversary celebration. I also had the opportunity to join you for the 50th Anniversary (when I was UNIDO Representative in Nigeria).
Today brings back a lot of memories such as my first day in the boarding home in 1971 at age 11; or the day I interrupted the prayer session in 1977 to mobilize the students to join national demonstrations under the No-College-No-School protest (started by the late …

Fire at Sierra Leone Post Office.

The central part of Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone was a hubbub of activity today as a column of smoke that soon grew wider was seen billowing out of the Sierra Leone Post Office (SALPOST) in the morning hours. For the better part of 45 minutes, amazed onlookers gazed in bewilderment as columns of smoke engulfed the building with no response from the city's Fire Force, only for them to come later to the scene with all the urgency of a snail.

Reports from Freetown indicate that the fire originated from the office the General Manager Samuel Koroma who at the opportune time was having a meeting at the National Revenue Authority (NRA) and later stated that he had no idea what might have initiated the blaze. He had left his laptop on in the office, according to a reporter from Politico Sierra Leone and had himself only known about the blaze through a telephone call.

There was extensive damage to the contents of the office, with suspicions that the fire could have been the resul…

Don't Count on Chinese Friends

There is this growing tendency for many countries in Africa to now rush to China in search of economic and technological assistance, with the Chinese being only to willing to embrace these friends with benefits. In some of these African countries Western Aid is seen as an albatross around their necks, with the West being viewed as being too questioning, too critical and too judgmental. Worst of all the West's insistence on proper democratic governance is anathema to the many dictatorial despots around the continent.

 Mugabe, Bongo, Bashir, Jammeh and many others under Western pressure see China as an escape valve. With now the second largest economy in the world, a population way in excess of 1 billion, industries hungry for the oil and raw materials from Africa, the Chinese are only very happy to extend a welcoming arm.

African dictators and emerging tyrants see China as the friendly economic power who comes to your assistance but does not care whether you are a dictator, a tyra…

From Segbwema Without a Smile.

As we grow up we make meaning of the world around us through our society's eyes. Sociologists may call it symbolic interactionism, learning to develop a subjective interpretation of the world through social interactions and the subjective meanings we attach to symbols.
Traveling makes you experience some strange things. I had this friend from Guinea Bissau that I met in Jarra Soma, the Gambia. From the moment we met, the fellow took an instant liking to me and insisted that I must have lunch with his family. I felt honored and decided to oblige him.
Well, the lunch day came and we went to his house to eat some peanut soup (groundnut in Sierra Leone) with fish and rice. Being a food we eat all the time in Sierra Leone, I was happy, as some of the food around Gambia is strange to the Sierra Leone palate. At the table, my friend dished me a hefty plate of rice with peanut soup. Just as I was about to eat, the fellow literally took a gallon of lime juice and proceeded to pour it all…

Liberia Bans Okadas: Any Lessons for Sierra Leone?

National authorities in Liberia have banned the use of motorcycle commercial transportation in the country's capital, Monrovia. Commercial motorcycles or "Okadas" as they are popularly called around West Africa, became the primary source of commercial transportation in postwar Liberia and Sierra Leone, a growing trend in West Africa, as all the nations copy  the lead of West Africa's trendsetter Nigeria.

Given the relatively low costs of operation of Okadas, high urban traffic congestion and the poor condition of roads in Liberia and Sierra Leone, Okada use has emerged as as an easy solution to the growing transportation problems in these and other West African countries.
However, with lax central control of the Okada transportation industry, the sector has largely had to regulate itself. Okada drivers with very little formal training have become an increasing health and social hazard, responsible for the maiming and deaths of many of their passengers. Everybody in …