Friday, October 25, 2013

All Peoples Congress (APC) Lawyer writes Strongly Worded Letter to Sierra Leone President Ernest Koroma

M. Alieu Iscandri

M Alieu Iscandari

Letter to the President of Sierra Leone.

dear Mr. President,

I received the following communication from State House,from one Sylvia Blyden who purports to SPEAK for you? here it is :

"Alieu, JUST F**K OFF. You are sick. Once again, go and seek help. U are sick bo... U are really sick... talking about EXPLODE... make ar block you sef. F**KING IDIOT"

Is this the level of communication that emanates from State house or have the standards really sunk that low since Ms. Thing your chief speaker came in. I have been hearing all around town that as soon as she passes by their are rumours of "there goes the neighborhood" I cannot understand for the life of me why you would hire a person with such foul mouth who has so far since her appointment failed to live up to the expectations of the diplomatic etiquette's that comes with working in such close proximity with your office. was this lady forced upon you Mr. President? I ask because it seems like since this lady has become your special executive assistant answerable ONLY to you, she has said a lot of Rubbish and insensitive posts, has continued to embarrass your government on social media and continues to say things that make people wonder If there is any control or if the command and control at state house has sort of broken down. And it seems as if the more she says the more it appears that nothing is being done to discipline her the more emboldened she has become. Listen Mr. President your administration is being embarrassed by her presence. Your party is fast loosing friends and supporters in sierra Leone and in the diaspora. This woman has problems in effectively communicating. If you insist on keeping this woman in office can you ate least pay for her to get a three month course on effective communication? We the citizens of sierra Leone need to know how long this Imbecile at state house is going to continue to embarrass our country and government.

On another note Mr. President I do disagree with the charges of sedition against the Journalists including Mr. Jonathan Leigh. It seems to me that you are not being properly advised on issues that are germane to the constitution. It appears also that one of the chief proponents leading the charge to "punish" these journalists is One Sylvia Blyden who I understand is the special executive assistant to you answerable ONLY to you. Is this the same person Mr. President who at the start of your administration did so much to embarrass your spouse and turn your marital into a ridicule? was she charged with sedition then? was this the same person who cartooned you as the devil with two horns and on another cartoon depicted you with knickers over your head. Is this the very same person who led the SLPP false claims that in about 20 minutes of violent confrontation a few APC men your personal body guards included walked in to the opposition head quarters and raped a few women that were in the opposition head quarters. Knowing fully well that all of that was contrived and false and the malicious intent of it was to give your embryonic administration a very bad reputation in international quarters. Is this the same person whose news paper had depicted you as a DICTATOR? Now I know we are about the same age Mr. President and we tend to forget quickly. why is it that you the target of all these personal attacks by this woman have forgotten about it and many of us those who genuinely love your leadership and the party have found it hard to forget the level of TREACHERY that this young lade had reached in destroying the party. Do you know how many of us members of this great party went online with evidence of our own to REBUT all the false claims that she had asserted against your party and your government?

I think personally Mr. President that someone who did all that I have alleged in the above paragraphs and nothing was done to her would now advocate for other journalists to be jailed for doing less? Do you really feel comfortable Mr. President working in such close proximity with some one who epitomizes that most vile of stealth animals a VIPER and who mires in such crass hypocrisy? What Jonathan Leigh and others wrote about you is POLITICAL SPEECH and is guaranteed under the constitution of sierra Leone or at least it should be. I ask that you order you attorney general to drop all charges against these journalists because even their arrest and incarceration is a violation of their constitutional rights.

Well let me tell you this Mr. President many people are afraid to tell you because they believe that if they do they may lose their jobs. Since I do not have a job to lose let me say this real quick so that when It happens that there will be a record that it has been said. You have promoted Sylvia Olayinka Blyden to a position of incompetence. I think in organizational management principles they call that the Peter principle. She is an extremely odious character, extremely intolerant of dissenting opinion, Rude to people that disagree with him, is brazen and has a tendency to be nasty. What gets to me is that none of this behavior is unknown to you. So the question I have to ask is when is it going to dawn on you that you have a LIABILITY rather than an asset in this woman. is she being brought in to do the dirty jobs.

Her attacks on the Vice President of our republic that man who now acts in your capacity now that you are gone out of town, were an example of her crass and class way of behaving. This appointment is NOT in comport with your agenda for change and you ought consider making a CHANGE at that level before she causes you , your government and party further embarrassment. I wonder how many documents she has secretly hidden away just to release at the right time to embarass your office.

Mr. President I have said my piece and who so ever reads this and doesn't like it MEK DEM GO POLICE. SYLVIA BLYDEN HAS NO PLACE IN YOUR ADMINISTRATION SHE IS A BADLY BEHAVED WOMAN.


Israel Ojekeh Parper Snr said...

This is not only a child like written letter but exposes a level of disrespect to the President and contrary to the ideals of all those who really love the APC. As a lawyer you (alieu Iscandari) have put you case VERY BADLY. I read your posting with disappointment and disgust. This is so disrespectful of the President in style and content and depicts the approach of an annoyed 16 year oly teenager who is very desirous in reporting a complaint to a big brother about what a younger sister has done, said to him or called him which he detests. As a Lawyer - you Alieu, have let your emotions overcome your professionalism. Opening your letter to the President with those very words which you found distasteful and in the manner in which it is put shows you do not really respect the President and has an impact of embarrassing the President and the party you claim to belong even more so than the complaint you are trying to elaborate on: in truth, you should not have bothered- you are nothing but a LET DOWN to the partyAlieu. I think you must before it is too late write another open letter of APOLOGY to the President and the APC without delay. You have not helped your course even if you have been hurt by the invectives used in the PRIVATE communication you received which you yourself made PUBLIC. The effect of your action is nothing short of a deliberate embarrassment and total disrespect to President Koroma and the APC. Alieu, you see yourself as a member of the APCFamily- try and behave/ comport yourself as one: show RESPECT where it is most desired, keep your cool as a lawyer should at all times, maintain the required dignit and please please try and WRITE as an educated Professional not lead, directed or overcome by emotions.

alieu iscandari said...

israel parper, you are right on all points except that I disrespected the president. Like minds may differ. But you are mostly right. I was angry when i wrote the letter. Its done and past me now I have moved on. Thanks for bring critical. we all need someone to tell us that we have screwed up

Israel Ojekeh Parper Snr said...

M Alieu Iscandari. I appericiate your acknowlegement and contrition which I hope you will complete with an apology to the President. Please do not allow your emotions to overide your dignity and commonsense. As you say, get done with it all and move on.


The ability to forgive and reconcile does not exist equally in every human being. Mr. Iscandri your phone call was not genuine it was provocative and these are issues Sierra Leoneans don't want to waste time on. What we have been missing in Sierra Leone, is straight talk. Sylvi has given us that.