Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Tegloma International Federation Gets New Leadership.

Swearing In Ceromony for New
Tegloma Leader Mustapha Sheriff
On Sunday September 1st 2013, Tegloma Federation International Inc, the largest Sierra Leone philanthropic and cultural organization in the diaspora, consisting of 24 chapter organizations on three continents, had a change in leadership through a democratic process that was largely described as free, fair and highly transparent.
Tegloma Day Declaration

In the Midwest USA city of Minneapolis Minnesota, Mr. Mustapha Sheriff, a professional accountant was elected Chairman of the Tegloma Federation adminstration, the body that is responsible for the day to day activities of Tegloma. Mr. Mustapha Sheriff, who had variously been President of the Tegloma Chicago Chapter, financial secretary of the federation, President of the Tegloma Midwest Coalition and Vice Chairman of the federation Board of Directors contested for the chairmanship against the former President of Tegloma New York/ New Jersey, Mrs. Julia Hawa Conteh, and educator and community activist.
Candidate Julia Hawa Conteh
Tegloma Minnesota Attire

Over the Labor Day Weekend in Minneapolis, the Minnesota Tegloma Chapter played host to 18 Tegloma chapters from USA and Canada whose members voted in the election that resulted in Mustapha Sheriff taking the mantle of leadership from outgoing Chairman Alfred Moi Jamiru of Tegloma Indianapolis.
Tegloma Ontario Canada

Tegloma conventions that elect federation leaders are hectic and lively events, and this was no exception, as both candidates had spent the past four months campaigning very hard and were busy right up to the eve of the elections. Though many of the leaders of Individual Tegloma Chapters are women, no woman has ever been elected to the post of federation chairman and Mrs. Julia Hawa Conteh was the first woman to contest for the highly influential position. However, Mustapha Sheriff was ultimately  declared the winner by a vote of 87 to 49.
Tegloma Philadelphia (DVC)

Upon losing the contest to become chairman Mrs. Julia Hawa Conteh graciously conceded and congratulated the new Chairman and pledged her support to ensure the success of his tenure at the head of the organization. Many observers and Tegloma members were surprised by the graciousness of Julia Hawa Conteh, who even joined candidate Mustapha Sheriff around the East Side Neighborhood Services convention hall for a celebratory dance. This was in marked contrast to the usual intolerance and bad blood displayed among Sierra Leonean candidates for most positions, no matter how small.
Tegloma Indiana

Federation Board Chairman Abu Bhonapha in congratulating the new administration Chairman Mustapha Sheriff, wished him the best in his quest to make Tegloma a more formidable organization and expressed admiration for candidate Julia Hawa Conteh for her exemplary behavior.
Outgoing Leadership

Mustapha Sheriff inherits an organization that is going through the throes of transformation from an emphasis on cultural and traditional activities, to onewith a greater focus on philanthropic activities, while simultaneously promoting Sierra Leone's rich cultural heritage in the diaspora.

Convention Delegates

On Saturday 31st August 2013, Mayor R. T. Rybak the Mayor of Minnepolis, the most modern city in Minnesota declared the day "Tegloma Day" in recognition of the role Tegloma is playing to help its members in the diaspora, promote Sierra Leone culture and help the needy back in Sierra Leone. The declaration was read to the assembled delegates by a Representative of the mayor and handed to outgoing Tegloma Chairman Alfred Moi Jamiru.
Tegloma Minnesota President
Hassan Kamara

Tegloma Minnesota Chapter has been congratulated by the various Tegloma Chapters for having hosted one of the best Tegloma Conventions in the organization's history. The theme of the convention was "cross-cultural survival" with a keynote speech by the director of the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services in Minneapolis. The Convention was a fusion of culture, modernity, brotherhood, philanthropy, and optimism and many are hoping that with Mustapha Sheriff's extensive experience, he will be able to make the organization more relevant back in Sierra Leone, by engaging in meaningful philanthropic activities.
Panorama View
Hail to the New Chief

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