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Republicans Shutting Government Down to Avoid Helping the Uninsured

Americans are among the most hardworking and worn out people on the face of the earth. A country where production never stops, every hour of the day from 12.00 a.m to 12.00 p.m, millions of Americans toil like termites to feed their families and keep the wheels turning on the largest economy in the history and imagination of mankind.

From federal income taxes, state taxes, sales taxes, investment taxes, etc, the federal and state authorities take a bite out of every paycheck that people in this country make and if you make more than what the government thinks is sufficient for you and your family, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) hounds you like a hungry leopard until every cent is paid. If you fail to pay soon enough, you pay back with interest. You payback interest on money that you worked for, such is the beauty of capitalism.
No matter how sick you are, regardless of what financial hole you are in, the government takes their slice out of your paycheck evenbefore you set your hungr…

Sierra Leone Tax-Payers Getting Ready to Fund Official Adventure.

New York, the Always busy headquarters of the world's premier international body the United Nations, will be even busier this week as the organization gets ready to host the 68th Session of the United Nations General Assembly, an annual event where world leaders get together to discuss issues they feel is of importance to the future of the world and the destiny of their nations. This year talkative Hugo Chavez of Venezuela will not be in attendance, having joined his brother Muammar Ghaddafi in the hereafter. The Iranian delegation will also be quieter with the exit of Ahmadinejad.

This year the President of the United Nation's General Assembly will be the UN Ambassador of Antigua and Barbados, John William Ashe, who was unanimously chosen by all the 33 GRULAC member states of the United Nations. All the countries of the United Nations are divided into five regional groups. The African Group consists of 54 countries, the Asia-Pacific group has 53 members, the Eastern European…

Tegloma Minnesota Hosts Major Convention

We did it!

One of my favorite creatures is the mail African agama lizard. There are two reason why I love the agama lizard. The first reason is that as a former biology student, it was one of those creatures whose scientific name was very easy to remember. The scientific name simply being "agama agama." Now that was not so hard, was it?

The second reason why I love the agama lizard is the rare natural talent the reptile has to motivate itself. An agama lizard will crawl up to a roof and then find no way to get back down. No matter how high the roof, the agama will close its eyes and leap off, landing on the hard grown below on its stomach with a thud. It will then look right and look left, and if there is no other lizard around it will shake its head up an down apparently in self admiration, as if to say. "Yes, I did it!". I love this reptile which knows how to blow its own horn even in the presence of nobody.
When we recently concluded the Tegloma International Co…

Tegloma International Federation Gets New Leadership.

On Sunday September 1st 2013, Tegloma Federation International Inc, the largest Sierra Leone philanthropic and cultural organization in the diaspora, consisting of 24 chapter organizations on three continents, had a change in leadership through a democratic process that was largely described as free, fair and highly transparent.

In the Midwest USA city of Minneapolis Minnesota, Mr. Mustapha Sheriff, a professional accountant was elected Chairman of the Tegloma Federation adminstration, the body that is responsible for the day to day activities of Tegloma. Mr. Mustapha Sheriff, who had variously been President of the Tegloma Chicago Chapter, financial secretary of the federation, President of the Tegloma Midwest Coalition and Vice Chairman of the federation Board of Directors contested for the chairmanship against the former President of Tegloma New York/ New Jersey, Mrs. Julia Hawa Conteh, and educator and community activist.

Over the Labor Day Weekend in Minneapolis, the Minnesota T…