Thursday, August 22, 2013

One More Week to Minnesota Tegloma International Convention

Tegloma President Hassan &
Mrs. Safia Kamara
We are currently in a frenzy, running all over Minnesota,  knocking on doors, rekindling old alliances,  revisiting old allegiances, all in a bid to be ready to host a one time spectacular Tegloma International convention next weekend in Minnesota, the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes.

All the sub-committees of the  Convention Planning committee are working at full capacity to ensure that everything goes according to plan and every eventuality is planned for, save for that occasional stochastic disturbance.
Minnesota Vice President Alice &
Federation Vice Chair Rebecca

The media committee consisting of Tegloma International Federation Vice Chairman Rebecca Johnson and Tegloma Federation Board Secretary General Sheku Sheriff, are working overtime to ensure  that each delegate among the hundreds expected is, welcomed,  recognized and catered for, and that the people of Minnesota and the world know about Sierra Leone, our culture, Tegloma and the humanitarian work we are doing here in the diaspora and back home in Sierra Leone.

Social Secretary Ann Marie
Mr. Ibrahim Seisay and members of his entertainment committee in collaboration with one of  Sierra Leone's premier cultural  ambassadors,  Mr. Raymond Kamara, who has represented Sierra Leone in cultural competitions overseas are working overtime to ensure that there will never be a dull moment. The full strength and unique beauty of Sierra Leone's extremely rich cultural heritage will be on display for the whole world to marvel at.

Mr. Lamin Jabbie and the members of the transportation committee are spending sleepless nights pondering about the logistics of moving delegates between locations,  ensuring that times are strictly adhered to and nobody misses any action, their way around,  or their flights back home.
Transportation Committee Head
Imam Lamin Jabbie

Ms. Alice Karpeh and the members of the great food committee are currently working on the Menus and traditional recipes that will make the guests pay attention close to all the details of the convention, while being fed on a well balanced diet.

Entertainment Head Ibrahim Seisay

Social Secretary Ann Marie Foday Kai and the members of the hospitality committee are committed to ensuring that the delegates feel welcome and comfortable throughout their stay.
Monitoring all the action, supervising the arrangements,  ensuring that everything is in place is the head of the planning committee,  Tegloma Minnesota Chief Hassan Hendrickson Kamara, whose attention to detail is extraordinary for a Sierra Leonean.
Chapter members Massah, Theresa &

As an added attraction, the Tegloma International Convention is coinciding with the Minnesota State Fair, one of the greatest social attractions in Midwest USA, drawing over a million visitors every year. Guest have the chance of visiting the state fair or going to the great Mall of America.

The only appeal we have to our delegates are that they should send their itineraries as soon as humanly possible, come ready to discuss serious issues and enjoy themselves safely.
Minnesota Members

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