Thursday, August 15, 2013

Joseph Sherman's Meaningless Rant on Lies

Joseph S. Sherman, the corrosive journalist for hire, who just a few months ago was wailing about not being given a government position in Sierra Leone, after pledges purportedly made to him by the Sierra Leone's Ambassador to America and the Minister Plenipotentiary in charge of rebranding, seems to have  wrapped his tail, licked his wounds and gone back to the type of meaningless articles that has so far not given him any inroads in President Koroma's government of close friends and confidants.

The latest meaningless rant by Joseph Sherman concerns what he describes as an article on "the lies politicians tell", with the sole exception of President Koroma, of course, who in Sherman's words "has gone beyond expectations of serving the people of Sierra Leone with truthfulness and dedication to the mandate he is elected for as president," whatever that means.
Sherman, who claims to be an editor-in-chief of his blog Salone Monitor, which he has convinced himself is a news outlet, has always wanted to walk in the footsteps of his mentor Kabbs Kanu of Cocorioko. While Kabbs Kanu comes across as a seasoned propagandist ready to write anything to support his political patron Ernest Bai Koroma, the " world's best President," Sherman comes across as a cheap nonentity looking for attention; a political pimp, simply trying too hard.

Well, I can now also pass as Editor-in-Chief,  CEO and managing director of the Segbwema blog, how about that. My family would be proud of the person I have become,  editor in chief without pay! At least Sherman gets the occasional propaganda allowance under the table. The only benefit I get is having the chance to write my thoughts and expose the journalistic charade that is passing for news in my country, where our current President is not only the world's best, but the most truthful politician since Mahatma Gandhi,  unless of course he does not give Sherman a job, then he is reminded of the buttocks of a baboon.

Every man should live by an important advice; "if you don't have anything to say, don't say it." The past few months I was not really blogging. I was very busy with some other chores. So I wrote an article every month or so and did not write at all when I was not following the political drama in Sierra Leone.

People like Sherman have dug themselves into a hole. By claiming to be a writing a newspaper instead of just an ordinary blog,  he can either continue educating us about the adventures of John Baimba Sesay and Ambassador Foh in China, as Ambassador Stevens in USA failed to give him the job he promised,  or he can also decide to write an article as editor in chief, even when he has nothing to say, which brings me to his latest unnecessary rant about lies and African politicians, with the exception of President Koroma, who he likens to Moses.

Sherman starts by telling us what we already know, that African politicians are liars. What a great revelation, we did not know, I was in Segbwema and he was in Liberia! What a genius, this Sherman. What a great guy.

He then goes on to define a lie. According to the wise Mr. Sherman, "a lie is a statement,  believed by the liar to be false." What a laugh! Mr. Sherman, even a pack of gorillas knows that the reason it is called a lie is because the person making it knows it is false. Otherwise it would not be called a lie. It would be the truth. And according to the incorrigible Sherman,  he came upon this definition after much analyzing and synthesizing. What a wise guy. A classic definition of a lie for our local Kindergarten.

Does Sherman stop here? No, he goes on and on. He goes into analyzing lies and deceits and even throws in a few quotations.  I really tried very hard to read the meaningless drivel and understand the essence of what poor Seidu was trying to write, but all I succeeded in getting was the worst headache of the year 2013.

Poor Mr. Sherman, he is trying so hard that I am now really starting to feel sorry for him. This guy could be a wonderful press attache to Cambodia, to tell the country's ruling generals about the necessity for politicians to stop telling lies. At the rate at which we are going, Sherman will soon resort to defining what rice is to the population of Sierra Leone.

The only advice I have for Mr. Sherman is this. Stop writing articles in the middle of the night while sitting alone with a bottle of whiskey. Everyman becomes the most intelligent writer after two tots, until you read what you wrote the next day. While trying to be the next critical thinker from Sierra Leone, do so while sober.

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