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One More Week to Minnesota Tegloma International Convention

We are currently in a frenzy, running all over Minnesota,  knocking on doors, rekindling old alliances,  revisiting old allegiances, all in a bid to be ready to host a one time spectacular Tegloma International convention next weekend in Minnesota, the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes.

All the sub-committees of the  Convention Planning committee are working at full capacity to ensure that everything goes according to plan and every eventuality is planned for, save for that occasional stochastic disturbance.

The media committee consisting of Tegloma International Federation Vice Chairman Rebecca Johnson and Tegloma Federation Board Secretary General Sheku Sheriff, are working overtime to ensure  that each delegate among the hundreds expected is, welcomed,  recognized and catered for, and that the people of Minnesota and the world know about Sierra Leone, our culture, Tegloma and the humanitarian work we are doing here in the diaspora and back home in Sierra Leone.
Mr. Ibrahim Seisay and mem…

Preliminary View on Sierra Leone Corruption

Female Politician Banned in Iran for being too Beautiful

A female politician in Iran who won an election to the City Council of the Iranian municipality of Qazvin some few weeks ago, has been barred from from holding office and her results overturned, because the mostly male Islamic authorities in her country think she is too beautiful!
 In the ultra-conservative Islamic country, women are expected to cover their faces in order not to attract unwanted attention and for fear of the morality police. However, a candidate running for office has to let people know who she is and cannot campaign with her face behind a veil. 
Unfortunately for Nina Siakhali Moradi,  the 27 year old Architecture student from Qazvin, the capital of the ancient Persian empire just 100 miles from the Iranian Capital Tehran, she was just too beautiful for the mostly male religious authorities, who view her as a negative and evil influence.
The new Iranian President  Hassan Rowhani, had promised during his campaign to improve the civil rights of women in the country, a…

Prayers for Egypt

Sierra Leone Peoples Party's Ambassador Allie Bangura Exhibits Great Class.

Over the weekend in Bo town, the famous southern provincial capital of the diamond rich West African country of Sierra Leone, delegates and party enthusiasts of the main opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party gathered to elect new party executives, with the main contest for the party chairmanship being between two veteran party champions; ex-Paramount Chief of Mambolo Somano Kapen, who was the incumbent party Vice Chairman and Ambassador Allie Bangura a former diplomat and a leader in the struggle to reverse the brief period of military insurrection by members of the Armed Forces Revolutionary Council in the late 90s, that had resulted in the overthrow of the SLPP led government of Ahmed Tejan Kabbah.

Unfortunately, instead of having the election for party Chairman be the last contest or all elections be conducted simultaneously, the organizers and candidates had agreed that the election for the party chair precede all else. This decision proved to be a gross miscalculation, as many d…

Chief Somano Kapen's Monumental Task

Yesterday Chief Somano Kapen astounded political pundits by his decisive victory in the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) chairmanship elections, a victory that instantly elevates him to the position of chairman and political leader of the oldest indigenous party in the diamond rich West African country of fewer than 6 million people.
Ironically,  winning the chairmanship elections is the easy part, as the chairman inherits a party beset with internal divisions and strife and held hostage to parochial political interests that have become so solidified in the internal workings of the party that it would be a miracle for him to get the majority of party members to put the interest of the party ahead of everything else once again.
In summary, Chief Somano Kapen may be in celebratory mood right now, but he has his work cut out for him. The first assignment the chief has to effectively undertake is to convince the party's various factions that he will not use his position to further …

Chief Somano Kapen Wins Sierra Leone Peoples Party Chairmanship.

Supporters of the ex-Paramount Chief of Mambolo Chiefdom, Bai Sherbora Somano Kapen,  are in a jubilant mood in Bo the southern regional capital of Sierra Leone as news is gradually indicating that he has narrowly won the chairmanship of the Sierra Leone People's Party (SLPP) by a vote of 310 to 287, much to the joy of supporters of 2012  party presidential  flagbearer Rtd. Julius Maada Bio, who had thrown his political support behind the candidacy of the chief, against his rival Ambassador Allie Bangura.

Chief Somano Kapen is the understated Deputy National Chairman of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party and a former Paramount Chief in the north of the country. In July 2011, Chief Kapen was elected Deputy Chairman of the Sierra Leone People's Party after defeating his challenger Hon. Eric Jumu by 413-184 votes. The position of Chairman then was won by John O. Benjamin who defeated Dr. Abass Bundu, a veteran politician and former Secretary General of the Economic Community of West…

The Sierra Leone Peoples Party National Convention

This weekend, the Sierra Leone Peoples Party, the party that liberated the country from the clutches of colonialism under the leadership of Sierra Leone's first provincial medical doctor,  Sir Milton A. S. Margai, is having it's national delegates conference in the sprawling southern regional capital of Bo.
The convention which started yesterday amid unfounded rumors that the party's past presidential flagbearer Rtd. Brigadier Maada Bio intended to disrupt proceedings if it did not go his way, a charge he has steadfastly denied,  is largely going on in a very peaceful atmosphere,  albeit in the presence of heavy state sanctioned security.
The build up to the delegates conference, in which new national party officials were to be elected,  has been a dramatic affair pitting supporters of the past party presidential flagbearer Julius Maada Bio and his political rivals within the party, namely the party's chairman and leader John Oponjo Benjamin and the Women's leade…

Joseph Sherman's Meaningless Rant on Lies


Joseph S. Sherman, the corrosive journalist for hire, who just a few months ago was wailing about not being given a government position in Sierra Leone, after pledges purportedly made to him by the Sierra Leone's Ambassador to America and the Minister Plenipotentiary in charge of rebranding, seems to have  wrapped his tail, licked his wounds and gone back to the type of meaningless articles that has so far not given him any inroads in President Koroma's government of close friends and confidants.

The latest meaningless rant by Joseph Sherman concerns what he describes as an article on "the lies politicians tell", with the sole exception of President Koroma, of course, who in Sherman's words "has gone beyond expectations of serving the people of Sierra Leone with truthfulness and dedication to the mandate he is elected for as president," whatever that …

What was the Real Reason for the Raids on Maada Bio?

Two days ago, police in the Sierra Leone capital Freetown raided the offices of Rtd. Julius Maada Bio, the main opposition rival of the ruling All Peoples Party on the stated mission of searching for arms and ammunition. This morning, another raid was conducted on both the office of the opposition leader and his residential premises by police who turned up with officially issued search warrants.

It is reported that more than twenty well armed members of the country's police force descended on the office and residence of the former military head of state on what the Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) Samura Bangura stated was a police mission based on a tip that the opposition leader was planning to perpetrate violence during the upcoming convention of his opposition Sierra Leone People Party (SLPP) that was scheduled to be held in the regional capital city of Bo this coming weekend.

In this morning's raid, the entire resid…

Maada Bio's Office Raided in Freetown

News filtering through to the Segbwema Blog this morning indicate that several Sierra Leone police contingents have been hastily dispatched to the offices and residence of Rtd. Julius Maada Bio, the flagbearer of the main Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) in the elections conducted last year in the small West African country of Sierra Leone.

Julius Maada Bio and a group of prominent people close to him have been embroiled in a bitter public dispute with the outgoing party chairman and leader John O. Benjamin that seemingly emanated from the decision by Bio supporters to pass a resolution meant to keep him as the political leader of the party after the 2012 election that was won by the incumbent President Ernest Bai Koroma of the All Peoples Congress (APC). 
The SLPP constitution clearly states that former flagbearers and their running mates automatically become ex-officio members of the National Executive Council (NEC) of the party. However, people close to Maada Bio, fearful that th…

Last Minute Touches to Tegloma Convention Preparation

There are barely 20 more days to the spectacular Tegloma International Convention in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
 The Convention Planning Committee is dedicated to ensuring that the delegates have a great and productive stay and are currently doing dry runs to ensure that everything goes according to plan, save for unavoidable random or stochastic disturbances.
In a bid to minimize the impact of unforeseen contingencies, the head of the planning committee, Minnesota President Hassan H. Kamara has appealed to all chapter members to put their shoulders to the wheel and push with all their might, metaphorically speaking.
Transportation and Media committees are therefore appealing to all delegates to send their names to Minnesota as soon as humanly possible and contact the chapter with their transportation itineraries to arrange for pickup.
Delegates interested in rental cars are advised  to rent from The Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport (MSP). Cars can be cheaply rented through