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Sierra Leone Political Updates: Joseph Sherman Goes Berserk

Minister Wannabe
Joseph Sherman Plaintiff
Joseph S. Sherman the perpetually disgruntled editor of the online Propaganda rag sheet "The Salone Monitor," who got into a fitting rage earlier this year after having been passed over for appointment in the administration of Sierra Leone President Ernest Bai Koroma, accusing the president of ingratitude in his now infamous baboon buttocks article, is back to his usual lamentations of discontent once again. 
This time the subjects of Joseph Sherman's frustration and tirade are Sierra Leone's Ambassador to the United States, Ambassador Bockarie Stevens and clerical blogger turned Minister Plenipotentiary to the UN Rev. Wilfred Leroy Kabbs Kanu of the pro-government propaganda outlet, Cocorioko.
In an incendiary article laced with venom and unveiled contempt, Joseph Sherman writes that sometime in 2011, there was a meeting between himself, Ambassador Stevens, Kabbs Kanu and a certain Foday Morris, in which he Sherman was recruited as a propaganda agent of the current All Peoples Congress government in Sierra Leone with the special assignment of using his journalistic skills to launch a concerted propaganda campaign that was aimed at vilifying the members of the opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party and embellishing the successes of the All Peoples Congress. In return for his intellectual thuggery, Sherman claims he was made certain promises that have yet to be fulfilled and he insists that his efforts to remind Kabbs Kanu and the Ambassador of their promises to him have so far gone unheeded and unanswered. He therefore feels that he is highly educated compared to Ambassador Stevens and Kabbs Kanu and he swears he will not be used and discarded like trash.
Ambassador Bockarie Kortu Stevens
First Accused
In a very frustrated and resigned tone, Sherman acknowledges that his current tirade will surely cause him to be branded as an enemy of the President, but he has reached a level of discontent and disenchantment in which he just does not care anymore, hence his description of Ambassador Stevens and propaganda Reverend Kabbs Kanu as "evil, malicious and self-centered people" who appear great in the eyes of President Koroma but who Sherman says in reality are "gifted with fraudulent and deceitful attitudes in making fake things appear real while real things appear fake" Sherman further goes on to allege that Ambassador Stevens and Kabbs Kanu are self conceited individuals who only think of themselves, their immediate families and those acquaintances willing to dance to their whims and caprices. He accused both men of lacking what he describes as a moral conscience.
Kabbs Kanu- Political Clergyman
I really do not know the intention of Joseph Sherman in launching these serial public tirades, but unfortunately for him, he usually comes out worse than the people he tries to portray. He claims to be a highly educated man about to get his PhD, but these articles put a serious doubt on the veracity of his claims, as what the learned gentleman is doing is nothing short of intellectual blackmail.
In the first instance Sherman has just exposed his lack of credibility for all the world to see. If an intelligent man is paid to spread lies about the situations in a country that he is away from and he wants people to continue to take him seriously, why would he go publicly and state that he was hired by men who made fake things appear real and real things appear fake. Surely if you are being paid to write lies, then are you not also a liar? By exposing himself so publicly, Sherman has just succeeded in reducing himself to a public tool for hire, to be used and discarded. So sad for a man who claims to have so much potential.
Idriss Kamara
Sherman's Victim
For a man who claims the sort of intellectual prowess Sherman brags about, one would not expect him to put all his hope and trust in Sierra Leone government employment after all these years. If he himself is to be believed, the fellow even has more academic credentials than the Secretary General of the United Nations. Sure there are thousands of nonprofits, international agencies, nongovernmental organizations and private sector firms that would pay thousands of dollars a month for Sherman's self professed academic skills. Why cry like a toddler when refused a government appointment in Sierra Leone that would not even pay you the money you could get at the World Bank, the UN, IMF or even the IMF. Sherman's serial whining like a child who has just been refused his second helping of toffee is getting really irritating.
IB Kargbo
Another Sherman Victim
Sherman's recent political foray can best be described as " a series of unfortunate events." He has two traits that are causing him the current grief. He likes to put things on paper before he gets all the facts and he thinks that being foul mouthed against people you disagree with is a sort of intellectual superiority. When he was given his brand new propaganda assignment, not only did Sherman devote himself to making up false stories about the opposition, but he used his rag sheet to vilify the members of his party that he disagreed with. From Rtd. Colonel Idriss Kamara, to former Information Minister I. B. Kargbo, Sherman wrote nasty articles about these people, many of who were close to the president. By now coming out and writing such a vicious and malicious article, Sherman has just cut his foot with a cutlass and then taken acid and poured it over the foot thinking it was water. I do not know if Sherman passed this article to any of his friends or acquaintances before his unfortunate decision to publish it, but if he was ever promised a job in Ernest Koroma's government, I am not in the President's confidence, but I can say with certainty that he may as well as kiss that promise goodbye, and permanently. The fellow has just assured himself that for the next five years he will not even be a messenger in the Sierra Leone government, let alone have a high government appointment . He may as well stop the propaganda and concentrate on finishing his PhD, as he has put his foot in his mouth permanently and has just driven away his few remainig friends and admirers.
Sherman is one of those few individuals who view education as a certificate of arrogance. He has promised to write more letters and we will continue to wait for them. These people feel Sierra Leone is a trophy to be divided among them. As things continue to come to light, the President may soon start to kick back against this sort of entitled nepotism and many of those in the country who need jobs and are qualified to get them, will be favored instead of these unhinged diasporans who feel that the country is a reservoir for failures and no gooders in the diaspora.

Follow the link below to read Sherman's catalogue of frustration in his own words:

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