Friday, April 12, 2013

Tegloma Minnesota Chapter Gets Ready to Host International Convention in September

 Minnesota Chief Hassan Kamara
All roads lead to the land of 10000 lakes, Minnesota in September, 2013, as Tegloma Minnesota Chapter gears up to host the organization's International Convention on Labor Day weekend. The state of Minnesota, about three times bigger than Sierra Leone, is the coldest state in Mainland USA. Tegloma plans to heat it up.
Missouri Chief Gerard Brewah

The convention kicks of on Friday August 30, 2013 with a meeting of the Federation Board, followed later that night by a welcome of the delegates by the Minnesota Chapter members and federation executives. This year, Tegloma delegates are expected  from Sierra Leone, Gambia, The United Kingdom, Canada and all over the United States of America, where Tegloma has more than 19 chapters in most of the major states of the vast country.
Tegloma Members Interacting

The main Convention will be on Saturday August 31st followed by an Intervention Convention ball. Sunday September 1st will be Elections Day, as the current Federation administration headed by Alfred Moi Jamiru makes way for a new administration that will manage the affairs of the organization for the next two years. The election will be followed by an International Picnic where guest would be treated to their choice of exquisite steak, sausages, bratwurst and the great poultry Midwest USA is famous for.
Federation Board Chair and Wife

Speaking from his Brooklyn Park residence, Chief Hassan Kamara confidently states that though Washington DC and Ohio have set the benchmarks for great Tegloma conventions, Tegloma Minnesota aims to give the federation the best convention the organization has ever seen, by far. He said that there will be a total focus on the great potential of Tegloma to help expand philanthropic ventures in crucial sectors in Sierra Leone and vowed that the convention will showcase the best of the Sierra Leone's rich and diverse cultural heritage.
Cross Section of Tegloma Elders

The media committee headed by federation Board Secretary General Sheku Sheriff has made arrangements for the convention to be televised and recorded for posterity.
Ex. Dallas Chief with federation Chair
and Vice Chair.

Minnesota is expecting a huge delegation, as the Federation Chairman Alfred Moi Jamiru has served two successive two years terms and can no longer run as prescribed by the federation constitution.

Already a lot of influential people are ready to throw in their hats for the leadership, when nominations are declared at the Tegloma Federation Mini-Convention in Saint Louis Missouri on Memorial Day Weekend, just a month from now from now, May 24, 2013 to May 27th. Members of the Missouri chapter are very busy with preparations to host the Tegloma Delegates from all the chapters next month.
Federation Chairman and Wife

Tegloma leaders are nominated at the Mini-Convention which is always on Memorial Day weekend and elected at the Main Convention which is always on Labor Day weekend to enable members make long term arrangements to attend.

This year the Tegloma Mini-Conventionc will be hosted by Tegloma Missouri Chapter which is incorporated in Saint Louis, Missouri, under the leadership of the chapter Chief Gerard Brewah. The main Convention will be hosted in Minneapolis, Minnesota which is incorporated in Saint Paul, Minnesota under the leadership of Chapter Chief Hassan Henrickson Kamara.
Some Tegloma Minnesota Members
Tegloma Chicago

Delegates from Africa who plan to attend the convention are urged to start making arrangements to obtain US visas as the process can be long and daunting.

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