Sunday, April 7, 2013

North Korea's Kim Jong-Un Playing with Fire

Kim Jong-Un
Reckless Gamble
North Korea's Kim Jong-un is like a cockroach playing with a full bottle of palm oil and some of us are not laughing. This chubby faced idiot who probably spends many hours on his PlayStation 3 playing Call of Duty thinks that threatening to use nuclear weapons against the United States of America or any other country is a child's play.

This dimwit is lucky that President Bush is no longer in power, but America now has President Barack Obama who does not believe in preemptive strikes, but is a calculating and deliberative leader who believes in the use of violent diplomacy only as a last resort. If Bush were around, Kim Jong-Un would probably be in a hole somewhere deep in North Korea.
Kim Il Sung

The whole world seems to be quiet as this baby faced moron provocatively moves missile batteries around his country, disregards peace treaties that were negotiated by his father while he was still in diapers and brings a general sense of unease and alarm along the volatile Korean Peninsula.

Sometimes stupid people take jokes too far and do not know when and where to stop. Kim Jung Un's father Kim Jong IL knew when to make hollow threats until he got the West and his Asian neighbors to send food and other supplies into his impoverished country, but he also knew when to stop. This new and very immature leader seems like he does not know where bravado stops and reality begins. He has already ordered underground tests of nuclear weapons and has also tested long range missiles. These acts of defiance in the face of international condemnation has just succeeded in peaking his arrogance. Until one of his uncles in North Korea knocks his head and put some sense in there, he is playing with the annihilation of his country.
Kim IL Sung with Che Guevara
'Hairstlye copied by current Kim'

I believe Kim Jong-un's problem is that he is dying to be likened to his grandfather Kim IL Sung who was also a provocateur extraordinaire, who loved to make long and revolutionary speeches and inspired the Korean people to stand up to the Western powers, particularly America. He dresses and even styles his hair like his grandfather. His father Kim Jung IL having passed over his elder brother in favor of him, the young leader is eager to prove to his very large army and people that he was somebody to be contended with, but I think he is going too far, as any attempt to make good on his threat of a nuclear strike will be met with a response so hard, he will rue the day he was born.
God Help Us

North Koreans are indoctrinated against Americans from the day they are born to the day they die. I just hope this propaganda of invincibility has not been taken as wholly true by Kim, otherwise a lot of people will end up suffering unnecessarily.

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