Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sierra Leone Peoples Party Defector in Tears

News from Sierra Leone received this morning from a reliable source close to the Segbwema blog is that a senior Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) defector to the All Peoples Congress (APC) burst into tears this morning upon hearing that his name was not on the final list of appointees to top positions in the Koroma II administration.

This senior defector who had occupied a crucial position in SLPP was heard ranting all over his house calling the current government ungrateful for disgracing him after all that he did to make the President win in the first round of the elections on November 17. The source who is very close to the senior defector said that he threw such a temper tantrum that his wife had to intervene and calm him down by stating that this was not the end of his life and that the news may be an untrue rumor, as there were many different lists going around Freetown all being put forward as the list of new government ministers in the Koroma II administration.

The source informed the Segbwema Blog that the senior man stated that he had not only thrown his verbal support behind the APC, but had invested his time, money and energy into ensuring that President Koroma was reelected. He said he had been reassured by sources close to the President that his name was at the top of the list of appointees and that his rejection would bring shame and make him a laughing stock in his community.

After repeated assurances by his wife that the news could be a rumor, the man eventually calmed down. The wife also warned him that as somebody with hypertension he may just be trying to give himself a heart attack.

While Sierra Leoneans are still waiting for the President to announce his ministerial and diplomatic line up, the immensity of the challenge he faces in satisfying all his many supporters is monumental. There were days in Sierra Leone when people supported candidates for ideological reasons, but these days in Sierra Leone, support for reward has become the mantra.

As the President continues to delay the agony for those who will ultimately not be appointed, these folks need to know that there are not enough ministries in Sierra Leone and embassies in the world to satisfy everybody. It is also a tough call to expect the president to reject those he has worked and struggled with all the years, just because Judas Iscariot wants to be a minister.

Over ambitious politicians need to brace themselves, as many people are going to have to either wait for the next reshuffle God knows when, or face that fact that a ministerial or ambassadorial appointment is not in the near future.

As one senior politician once remarked, " if everybody becomes a minister, who will beat the drums when we go to our villages to visit?" For many in Sierra Leone however, the long wait is still on.

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