Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Of Men and Women

"Don"t Accept Rubbish"
Have you ever had that self righteous and irritating friend who is always advising you about your relationship?Telling you that if your wife or girlfriend were his, he would never "accept" the rubbish you were taking and would have sent her packing long ago?

Have you ever heard the story of the son who came to the father asking for marital advice?
"Father," Says the son, "My wife has very little respect for me. She will never do what I tell her but always wants to do things her own way. She is quarrelsome and nagging and I am getting real tired. What do you advise me to do?"

"Kick her out," Says the Father, "Never allow your women to ride you. Only one person wears the trousers in a household and that is the father. There can never be two captains in one ship. Letting your wife ride you is a sign of weakness and once she has started it will never stop. Put her out of your house and if she has sense she will change and come back begging. If she does not, she does not deserve you and there are many out there."
"But father," the son protests, "I love this woman very much"
"Stop! " the father says, "Boy I hate to tell you this, but love without respect is no love. Go tell her to pack her things and go home this very minute"

The son leaves his father's house very discouraged and conflicted. He loves his wife, but does not dare disobey his father. As he is leaving the compound, his mother suddenly materializes from out of the darkness and pulls him aside.
"Son, " says the mother, "do not pay any attention to what your father just told you. Come back quietly at 10.00 pm, hide in the corner and observe us. After that you can go home and do whatever you want to do"

The son thought this was fair and left for his home, saying nothing to his wife and keeping very quiet and thoughtful.

At 10.00 pm sharp the son is hiding in a secluded corner of his parents' living room listening and observing.
At 10.15 pm the mother gets up and says to the father, " I am tired and want to go to bed, but I want to ride on your back like cowboy on a horse."
With due diligence the father gets up and not uttering a sound, goes to his bedroom and gets a tie, ties it around his neck gets down on his hands and knees and creeps to his room with his wife riding on his back using his tie as her control.

The son quietly gets up, goes home and makes peace with his wife. He never came to his father again to ask for marital advice.

Guys, relationships like humans are all different and unique. Each is sacred and none is like the other. The only thing you should seek in a relationship is happiness and stability. Do not always try to look for happiness in a relationship without also bringing happiness to the relationship. Happiness is a two way street the more you give the more you will receive. If you really cannot bring or find happiness in a relationship, then it is the only time to leave, as a life time of unhappiness is not worth living. No woman or man is perfect, but with time people get to understand and support each other. With time every woman becomes a princess and every man becomes prince charming.
Samson and Delilah

Do not listen to the friend that tells you he can never take rubbish from a woman. Open the Bible and read about these three men; Adam, Samson and Solomon.

Adam was the first man God made, he was led astray by a woman, Eve. Samson was the strongest man God ever made, he was betrayed by a woman, Delilah. Solomon was the wisest man God made, he was misled by women.

Brother you are not the first man, neither are you the strongest man, nor the wisest man, so why would you feel embarrassed if your woman occasionally gives you the go around. Do not listen to friends, listen to your own heart and look with your own eyes.
Happy New year!!!!

Sheku Sheriff

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