Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tegloma Minnesota To Host International Convention in 2013.

Minneapolis Minnesota
The membership of Tegloma Minnesota Chapter under the leadership of Chapter President Hassan H. Kamara is proud to announce to the whole world that Minnesota will be hosting the 2013 Tegloma International Convention in the beautiful city of Minneapolis on Labor Day weekend 2013, from Friday August 30th to Sunday September 1st 2013.
Minnesota Celebrating Convention Bid win

Every member of Tegloma Federation all over the world, from Sierra Leone, USA, Canada, UK, Gambia and Australia is invited to attend this convention and partake in the great Minnesota hospitality.

Minnesota is a very prosperous, cold and beautiful state bordering Canada, Wisconsin, Iowa and the Dakotas. The state is three times the size of Sierra Leone and slightly over 400 miles long with a population of approximately 5 million. Minnesota has approximately 11,842 lakes and is known as the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes.
Tegloma Minnesota Founder
Chief Abdul Songa

Minnesota is home to the Mall of America, one of the largest shopping malls in the world and is also home to the Mayo Clinic which is arguably the best cancer treatment center in the world and ranks among the best health care institutions in the world. Minnesota's hospitals and universities rank among the best in the world and the people are very welcoming, hence the nickname "Minnesota Nice".

Tegloma Minnesota Barbecue
Tegloma Minnesota chapter is one of the 24 chapters in the Tegloma Federation and is a very active member of the federation. The Tegloma Federation Vice Chair Ms. Rebecca Johnson, the Federation Board Secretary General Mr. Sheku Sheriff, The Tegloma Midwest Coalition President Mr. Joshua Joshua Murray are all members of Tegloma Minnesota chapter.
Tegloma Minnesota Barbecue

Though the Tegloma International Convention is a time for serious discussions, Tegloma Minnesota plans to showcase the 2013 convention as a celebration of Sierra Leone culture and heritage. Members and other individuals intending to attend this convention should  fly to the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International airport.
Tegloma Minnesota Fundraising show

The 2013 conventions will coincide with the election of a new federation executive and Minnesota members will ensure that the elections are conducted in a truly democratic manner. Hotels and other accommodations will be transmitted in due course. All Tegloma members flying from Africa will be lodged by chapter members.


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