Friday, December 21, 2012

Mayan Apocalypse: The World Ends Today

Mayan Apocalypse
Today is Friday December 21, 2012 which is the last day in the 5125 year "Long Count" Mayan Calender. According to believers of Mayan traditions, the world will end today in some sort of apocalypse.

In country after country around the world, those who believe in the Mayan Apocalypse myth have been preparing furiously to prepare for this day.

Luckily, my people in the eastern Sierra Leone city of Segbwema are not mixed up in this craze, as they are currently very busy preparing for notable activities this Christmas. 

The people of Robin Fallay and the Segbwema bloggers village of Pendembu Njeigbla are preparing to unveil a Multipurpose Community Center building project on December 26th at 10:00am local time. The occasion will be followed by a football Gala between the Pendembu Njeigbla Descendants Association Kenema Branch and that of the Pendembu Njeigbla Branch. The day will  climax with  a "Ngoboi" cultural extravaganza followed by a Disco Jam later in the night and the Segbwema Blog wishes the people of Pendembu Njeigbla a happy boxing day.
Mary and Julius

On the same day December 26th in the main city of Segbwema, the Foday and Gbetuwa families will be celebrating the traditional wedding rites of their children Julius I. K. Foday and Mary Nguanya Gbetuwa, both descendants of the most prominent ruling families of Njaluahun Chiefdom and all Njaluahun Chiefdom descendants are invited to the auspicious occasion.

However, today December 21, candles are reported to have almost run out in countries like Mexico, Russia and China due to panic buying, as people intend to hold vigils and observe other religious rites as they await the end of the world.
Waiting for the Apocalyse in Mexico

In USA believers of Mayan tradition and those who believe in the world ending today have been buying survival shelters and stocking up on essential supplies hoping that somehow they will survive the apocalypse.Who knows, it is never a bad idea to be prepared.

In Russia the level of panic has reached such high a crescendo that the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev had to come out publicly and assert disbelief in the Mayan apocalypse,  to knock some sense into people who are giving away all they have to prepare for the end of the world today or are busy stocking up on  bottles of Vodka, to at least be merry on the way to eternity.

In Mexico where the Mayan Civilization once thrived, the government has exploited the belief in Mayan folklore to promote it as a money making tourist event and thousands of Mayan civilization enthusiasts and apocalypse believers from all over the world have been flocking to specially arranged Mayan apocalypse events. A brisk business in celebrating the end of the world is truly going on in Mexico!
Australian PM Julia Gillard on the Apocalypse

In Australia, the Prime Minister Julia Gillard released above spoof video of the Mayan apocalypse that has gone viral on YouTube, stating that the Mayan Calendar was true and assuring her compatriots that she will always fight for the Australian people until the end, even though she was happy that she won't be taking questions and answers anymore. Some of her political opponents are complaining, but the Segbwema blog loves her humor.

Harold Camping: "No More Predictions"
End of the world predictions are common in human history. Christian preachers always talk about the "end times", basing their facts on the Book of Revelations and TV preachers like Pat Robertson use these predictions to raise millions of dollars from their believers. Last year believers of preacher Harold Camping,  a 91 year old talk radio preacher predicted to his believers that the world will definitely end. Some of his ardent believers in USA and Canada sold everything they had to prepare for a world's end that never came. He has since promised not to make such predictions anymore. Too late for some folks in his church!
When The Two Sevens Clash: Nibiru and Earth

The exact nature of how the world will end today is a matter of serious debate among Mayan apocalypse enthusiasts. Some believe that our planet earth will collide with a mysterious planet called Nibiru. Others believe some sort of gigantic earthquake will unleash a tsunami of horrendous proportions causing the oceans to cover the entire land mass and my capital Freetown is so near the Atlantic.

Sill, others believe that today there will be a giant storm on the surface of the sun that will generate heat so intense that all the poor inhabitants of planet earth will be baked in an instant or boiled if it meets them swimming in a pool or river, or even the ocean.

No matter what people believe, I wish my friends and family a happy Christmas and prosperous new year,  if we live to see them. If we don't, I will meet those who are going to heaven in Paradise. For those who are bound for hell, don't forget that the fire drill will not work as the fire there cannot be extinguished. Also there are no first responders so don't even think about dialing 911 as there are no first responders in Satan's realm. The up side is that Visa and Mastercard may not be harassing you tomorrow.

Merry Christmas to my fellow Sierra Leoneans and Americans all over the world. 
Segbwema Blogger
Sheku Sheriff

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