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A Merry Segbwema Christmas

A merry Christmas to the readership of the Segbwema Blog.

To all Sierra Leoneans at home and in the diaspora may God help you enjoy the Christmas and may the New Year bring love, joy and unity to our beloved country.

As we go about our festivities, let us remember that overindulgence is a vice and gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins. Unbridled hedonism has never been the foundation of development of any advance society and though it is a time to be merry, let us do so with some element of seriousness.

For those who may want to have some alcoholic high this Christmas, remember a glass or two of wine or beer may lift your spirit and bring on festive cheer, but too much alcohol is bad for your health. It can cloud your reasoning and destroy your liver, leading to alcoholic hepatitis and cirrhosis of the liver. Too much booze increases your blood pressure causing hypertension or in the worst case scenario, a stroke. And those in the diaspora if you drink, please do not drive.

Let us…

Sierra Leone Political Update: President Koroma in A Pickle.

President Ernest Bai Koroma of Sierra Leone is in a pickle. In a country renowned for support for reward, many ambitious individuals threw their weight behind the president in the just concluded national elections in the country and they are all sitting now with bated breath, anxiously waiting for their own individual share of the national pie.  Some busy hurrying to Juju men, Guinea Marabouts and local 419 con men in a bid to use mystical means to get poor EBK's mind so confused, that at anytime he sees them all he thinks about will be, "what a great minister this will be!"

The Djelliba wing of the journalistic brigade is in a frenzy, Gibril Gbanabom Koroma in Canada has all but practically begged for the president's recognition, using his Patriotic Vanguard online blog to even go as far as explaining his uninspiring autobiography. How he was a wayward truant as a child running round society bushes in his village of Yonibana. He was lucky to have had his butt dragg…

Mayan Apocalypse: The World Ends Today

Today is Friday December 21, 2012 which is the last day in the 5125 year "Long Count" Mayan Calender. According to believers of Mayan traditions, the world will end today in some sort of apocalypse.
In country after country around the world, those who believe in the Mayan Apocalypse myth have been preparing furiously to prepare for this day.
Luckily, my people in the eastern Sierra Leone city of Segbwema are not mixed up in this craze, as they are currently very busy preparing for notable activities this Christmas. 
The people of Robin Fallay and the Segbwema bloggers village of Pendembu Njeigbla are preparing to unveil a Multipurpose Community Center building project on December 26th at 10:00am local time. The occasion will be followed by a football Gala between the Pendembu Njeigbla Descendants Association Kenema Branch and that of the Pendembu Njeigbla Branch. The day will  climax with  a "Ngoboi" cultural extravaganza followed by a Disco Jam later in the night…

Sierra Leone Does Not Need a Unity Government.

Last week media reports from Sierra Leone indicated that President Ernest Bai Koroma was not open to the formation of a so called "unity government" which some commentators have been asking for as a solution to bridging the political divide in the small but troubled West African country.
I do not usually agree with President Koroma on issues, but on this particular issue, I totally and completely agree with him, without any reservation. Unity goverments are common in parliamentary democracies where coalitions are needed to form governments and in the majority of cases, they arise strictly out of political necessity. In such instances, the party with the largest percentage of seats in a parliament may not comstitutionally have the required number of seats necessary to form a government and may have to engage other parties to muster enough parliamentary support or seats to form a government.
In the Sierra Leone case however, the All Peoples Congress Party  (APC) has a clear …

Tegloma Minnesota To Host International Convention in 2013.

The membership of Tegloma Minnesota Chapter under the leadership of Chapter President Hassan H. Kamara is proud to announce to the whole world that Minnesota will be hosting the 2013 Tegloma International Convention in the beautiful city of Minneapolis on Labor Day weekend 2013, from Friday August 30th to Sunday September 1st 2013.

Every member of Tegloma Federation all over the world, from Sierra Leone, USA, Canada, UK, Gambia and Australia is invited to attend this convention and partake in the great Minnesota hospitality.

Minnesota is a very prosperous, cold and beautiful state bordering Canada, Wisconsin, Iowa and the Dakotas. The state is three times the size of Sierra Leone and slightly over 400 miles long with a population of approximately 5 million. Minnesota has approximately 11,842 lakes and is known as the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes.

Minnesota is home to the Mall of America, one of the largest shopping malls in the world and is also home to the Mayo Clinic which is arguabl…

Long Nights in Sierra Leone

Now that the elections in Sierra Leone are over and APC's President Ernest Bai Koroma has been reelected to a second term, we move to the next phase of the unending drama and tactical calisthenics that is Sierra Leone politics; the jockeying for high level positions in the Koroma II administration.

From Ministers, to deputies, to Ambassadors, the president and his close allies have to scour through the names of party loyalists, cross party defectors and turncoat journalists to determine who goes where and who gets what. And amongst the political class in the country, there is much worrying as the cutthroat competition for political appointments goes ahead full steam, much like victors in biblical times used to fight over the spoils of war, but in this case, only the underground marabouts and herbalists are smiling, as their period of bountiful harvest is now.

The most worried right now are the current crop of APC ministers, especially those who are not in the most intimate of EBK…

Sierra Leone People Party Finally Concedes

This week we finally heard from the top brass of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP). They had slowly, but finally accepted the victory of President Ernest Bai Koroma in the recently concluded November 2012 presidential elections by tacitly stating that the president's position "was not in contention". This of course is a roundabout way of saying they accepted that APC and the EB Koroma cabal won and the status quo continues, unabated.

Many members of the SLPP have taken to the Internet and social media to express disappointment at this development and what they view as a premature concession and  the blame game and finger pointing has already begun and will continue to do so for a while. In their opinion the party should not have conceded until all their various complaints had been investigated, which would have realistically been just a prolongation of the agony.

In the coming weeks SLPP members will experience the gamut of emotions, from disbelief, anger, disappoin…