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Sierra Leone Democracy

The presidential and parliamentary elections in my native country Sierra Leone were over before they began. After going through the motions and waiting for a week the Electoral Commissioner called a press conference and told whoever had any complaints against the conduct of the polls to go report to the police. In Sierra Leone that is basically telling someone to go to hell! The opposition reporting government malpractice to the Sierra Leone police is akin to reporting a mother to her 5 year old daughter, nothing can come out of it. As they say in our native krio Language, "Kombra fart pan im pikin nar buff"

So after all the hullabaloo, the Electoral Commissioner, Rtd Sister Thorpe came out after a week and announced that President Koroma had 58%, Rtd. Brigadier Maada Bio had 38% and all the others had the rest, what ever percentage that amounted to.  Ambassador John Leigh put his shoes on top of his head and rushed out on the streets singing Sabanoh 75 and the dish ran awa…

Sierra Leone: From Hope to Hunger

"De Pa" Momoh II?
Sierra Leone as a country today is at the edge of a precipice. Since the country adopted the presidential system of government under the late President Siaka Probyn Stevens, his party, the All Peoples Congress has shortchanged the country at every given opportunity. For 23 years under the rule of Siaka Stevens and his protege Joseph Saidu Momoh, Sierra Leone was converted from a solid and highly stable economy to an economic basket case. The old APC removed social responsibility, affection and respect for the public good and replaced it with the promotion of individualism. By uttering the single statement that "cows are meant to feed where they are tethered," Siaka Stevens officially sanctioned and blessed the vice of corruption and convinced those entrusted with public resources that it was their personal piggy bank, they could do as they and they were fools not to take for themselves.
"De People"
Those of us who were born in the era of…

All Peoples Congress Supporters on the Rampage in Segbwema

Yesterday APC youths supporting defected ex-SLPP Member of Parliament turned APC turncoat Robin Fallay went on the rampage in Segbwema, attacking the residence of SLPP candidate Abu Jajua who seems to be headed for a landslide victory in Kailahun constituency 7. An innocent youth was seriously wounded in the melee and was under observation yesterday at the Nixon Memorial Hospital in Segbwema.According to information from Segbwema, Robin Fallay's supporters were angry at the SLPP decision not to automatically award the party symbol to him the sitting MP, but rather to award it on the basis of a contest which they knew he was bound to lose, as he claims that he had fallen out of favor with SLPP elders in the constituency.During the final APC rally in Segbwema yesterday, Robin Fallay led a group of his  supporters on the streets of the mostly quiet town, raining insults on SLPP elders in the town and accusing them of ungratefulness. Angry at the poor turnout at the rally, a group of …

Sierra Leone Beyond The Hype

The True World's Best
This week, Argentinian Soccer Maestro Lionel Messi reached another milestone, 76 goals in 2012, breaking Pele's record of 75 goals in a year and solidifying his soccer status as the "World's Best." Messi who is now universally accepted as one of the greatest players that ever touched a football has a status that is based on solid personal achievement. A hardworking, self effacing, quiet and selfless team player, he cultivated his skills on the streets of Argentina before the age of 10 and has not looked back since. He has also largely avoided the scandalous lifestyle that is usually the hallmark of genius and still maintains a relatively modest lifestyle. Messi worked hard for his title, has the scars to prove it and has the skills and goals to show for it.
" Hey I Earned It"
In the little West African nation of Sierra Leone, there is a pretender to Messi's title of "world's best", the nation's white haired mi…

United Democratic Movement Comes out of The Closet

In Sierra Leone the leader of the United Democratic Movement (UDM) Mr. Mohamed Bangura, has finally decided to dispense with his clowning and self deception and declare for the ruling All Peoples Congress in order to spare his party the indignity of being the first party in African politics to score less than 50 votes in a national election. The UDM was a creation of the APC to undermine the cohesiveness of the leadership of the Peoples Movement for Democratic Change (PMDC). It can be recalled that during the country's 2007 elections the PMDC had siphoned tens of thousands of votes from the Sierra Leone Peoples Party, creating the foundation for the resurgence of the APC. Charles Margai the PMDC leader's support for the APC in the second round of voting together with invalidation of votes in SLPP strongholds by the electoral commission had virtually guaranteed an APC victory.

APC initially expressed gratitude to Charles Margai for his support by giving his party members some …

Obama Wins: What A Relief

Phew..........A sigh of Relief.

On Tuesday night, at approximately 2215 Central, I heard NBC call the US Presidential election for President Barack Hussein Obama. Earlier that evening, I had started to be hopeful of his victory when he captured Mitt Romney's home state Michigan, Paul Ryan's home state Wisconsin and Mitt Romney's adopted state Massachusetts. I started to believe that if these two men could not even win their home states after all the years of Romney campaigning and billions of dollars spent, there was no way they were going to defeat Team Obama, miracles barring.
When Ohio was called for Obama, the conservative Fox News Network, which had spent four years assembling a panel of Obama haters to continuously lambast and lampoon The president, had some pretty long faces.
After the sound defeat of John McCain in 2008, Fox News, the Fair and Balanced Network had hired a veritable army of Obama Haters; Mike Huckabee, Sarah Palin, Karl Rove, Glenn Beck, and some…

Sierra Leone Political News Round Up: The emperor's Clothes

The presidential and parliamentary elections in Sierra Leone are just two weeks away and the campaigns are in full gear. The All Peoples Congress with its propaganda army of approximately 70% of Sierra Leone's journalists and pseudo independent radio stations have done their best to convince the people that things are better off than they were in 2007, but the majority of people are not buying the propaganda. Panic has slowly started to invade APC ranks as the realization is hitting home that people are no longer prepared to look at stale cassava water and call it fresh palm wine. APC has over the years tried to pass a fattened brown cat as a lion, but unfortunately,  instead of roaring, it can only say "miaow"

All the promises of 2007, the 20 thousand Leone rice, the 24 hour electricity, the food self sufficiency, the thousands of jobs, have vanished into thin air. The Krio people say "Dog dream die nar im belleh"  No matter how ambitious a cat is, it can nev…