Sunday, October 7, 2012

Tegloma Minnesota Chapter Fundraising

Tegloma "Sowie" in Minnesota
In the biting winter Minnesota cold, Tegloma Minnesota Chapter hosted a great fundraiser yesterday Saturday October 6, 2012 at the East Side Neighborhood in Minneapolis Minnesota.
 Tegloma Minnesota Vice President Ms. Alice Karpeh was the MC for the occasion.
Board Secretary General Sheku Sheriff

The Secretary General of the Board of Directors Tegloma Federation Mr. Sheku Sheriff of the Tegloma Minnesota chapter told the mixed audience about Tegloma; its history, its past achievements, current projects and projects and plans for the future. The secretary general told the audience that Tegloma was a family organization that came to the support of its members who were either experiencing problems, loss or just wanted to do a joyful celebration. In the diaspora Tegloma supported its members with immigration issues, bereavement, illness, or celebrating weddings, graduations, baby showers and so on. Tegloma has also engaged in shipping food, supplying medical supplies and giving scholarship to students in Sierra Leone. Tegloma has also acquired a five acre land in Bo, Sierra Leone that will be used for the establishment of a Tegloma Complex.
Tegloma Vice Chair Rebecca Johnson
Mr. David Wonnie

Ms. Rebecca Johnson of Tegloma Minnesota the federation Vice Chair went into details about the formation of Tegloma in 1975 and stated that although Tegloma was initially formed to promote southeastern Sierra Leone culture, the organization is now open to all who had an interest in Sierra Leone as a whole.

Mr. Hassan Kamara the President of Tegloma Minnesota, one of the most dynamic of the 24 chapters in the Tegloma Federation told the assembled members about the benefits of belonging to Tegloma, which included among other things; life insurance for all members, the chance to have a school in a member's hometown receive an annual $8000.00 educational supplies assistance from the chapter and assistance in times of bereavement, sickness or to celebrate life's joyful milestones.
Minnesota President Hassan Kamara

Minnesota Soc. Sec. Ann Marie Foday Kai
Mr. David Wonnie a dynamic member of the chapter who was also a Farmers Insurance Agent told the audience about the need for insurance and also entered those interested in giving their particulars into a drawing for the New Ipad with Retina Display.

Dr. Jonathan Rose the head of the Sierra Community in Minnesota , which was the umbrella group that brought all the various Sierra Leone organizations including Sierrasota, The Kono Union, Sierra Leone Union and Sierra Lone Aid Initiative (SLAI), etc together, commended Tegloma and called for Sierra Leoneans to belong to associations.
MC and Minnesota VP Alice Karpeh

Ann Marie Lamin the Social Secretary gave the vote of thanks and the rest of the night was a celebration of Sierra Leone culture involving a feast of a huge selection of Sierra Leone food.
Lahai Ansumana Entertainment Coordinator

Thanks to all the many guests who braved the cold to come and celebrate with the chapter.

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