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President Koroma Will Likely Keep Sam Sumana

President Dr Ernest Bai Koroma
Citizens of the small West African nation of Sierra Leone have been eagerly awaiting news about the president's decision on a running mate as speculation and rumors have been rife that President Ernest Bai Koroma would replace his scandal ridden Vice President Alhaji Sam Sumana who has been credibly accused of every conceivable fraudulent activity from obtaining the position by false representation, involvement in bribery and scamming of foreign investors.
Scandal Plagued Vice President Chief Alhaji  Sam Sumana
Most Sierra Leoneans are of the opinion that President Koroma has been left with very few options other than replacing the scandal plagued Vice President. Just a few weeks after he became Vice President, concerned Sierra Leoneans in the diaspora were alarmed when it was learnt that the Vice President was in America, shopping for a million dollar home. Pro-APC operatives were quick to pounce on the news as propaganda and a blatant attempt by the…

Actually, the President of Sierra Leone Needed Only Two Hotel Floors, Not Three

A Serious World in the hands of Comedians

Iran's President Whose only Reason for Coming to New York Is to Threaten Israel
Every year the world is treated to the serious comedic spectacle that is the United Nations General Assembly in New York, USA.
In a world fraught with disaster, both human and natural, and a planet facing a climate change crisis that is accelerating the melting of the polar ice caps resulting in higher oceans levels and spelling potential imminent near future catastrophe for low lying countries, one would have thought that a gathering of contemporary world leaders in this day and age, would be a forum to place emphasis on finding solutions to global warming, increasing global food prices, rapid depletion of the earths fossil fuel reserves, the growing threat of international terrorism, the increased global income disparities both within and across nations, a rapidly increasing global population, the emergence of antibiotic resistant infections and many global problems that have the potential to accelerat…

Tegloma Goboi Descends on Washington DC

The Goboi and The Ambassador
On Labor Day weekend Saturday 2012, Tegloma International federation unleashed the organization's " Goboi" on an adoring and unsuspecting crowd in Washington DC and white Americans were dancing to Kposowa as if there was no tomorrow. The Floating Goboi led by Attendants in Jeans
Tegloma Washington's cultural ambassador, the uniquely talented Osman Panda earlier gave a taste of what was to come by engaging in some majestic drumming that made me conjure the image of lying down in a hammock in my little village of Nyandeyama, chewing on a leg of native organic Sierra Leone chicken cooked in a pot of succulent cassavas leaves floating in a sea of fresh palmoil and occasionally punctuated by broad eyed beans. The Goboi Must Dance
Later after a long meeting which was chaired with great gusto by Tegloma's eternally energetic Alfred Moi Jamiru, the night was for dancing and partying, under the watchful eye of Ambassador Steven Bockarie and potenti…

Tegloma Meets In Obama's Backyard

Chief Victor Tarmoh Tegloma DC President
On Labor Day weekend 2012, Tegloma International Federation, the largest Sierra Leone organization in the diaspora held its annual convention in the United States Capital, Washington DC, and the Washington DC convention hosts set a new bar for organizational efficiency, for conveniently hosting approximately 400 delegates from all over USA, Canada and The Gambia, without as much as a technical glitch, largely thanks to the dynamic leadership and organizational ability of Chief Victor Tarmoh of Tegloma Washington and the active participation of the many members of his dynamic chapter. Tegloma Board Chair Bhonapa and Vice Chair Kallon
Many people who have never hosted public participatin events are scarcely aware of the level of commitment it takes to host a sigle event, let alone a three day program that was meant to showcase Tegloma's philanthropy and Sierra Leone's cultural wealth. As the Secretary General of the board of Tegloma, my verd…

Robin Fallay Jumps on the APC Gravy Train

MP Robin Fallay
The latest high profile defection from The Sierra Leone People's Party to the All Peoples Congress Party in Sierra Leone has come from the home of the Segbwema Blogger himself, Njaluahun Chiefdom. The member of Parliament for Segbwema and its satellite localities, the highly unpredictable and frequently erratic MP Robin Fallay, who was on the verge of losing the SLPP symbol mainly due to poor performance and chronic character flaws, has decided to become the latest member of the SLPP faction of the APC. In short, Fallay has joined the list of SLPP politicians who have decided to latch their immediate future political onto the coat tails of another Ernest Bai Koroma presidency.

On the platonic or superficial level, APC, by landing Robin Fallay, who was being pursued by the same APC for election registration malpractices seem to have scored a success against the SLPP just close to the elections in November.
As can be gleaned from pro-APC publications like Cocorioko a…