Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tegloma Acting As Cultural Ambassadors For Sierra Leone

Tegloma Dallas Chief Josephine Ladipo
Tegloma Federation International Inc, is the largest Sierra Leone organization in the diaspora. Formed in 1975 in Washington DC to help Sierra Leoneans of southeastern origin in the diaspora who faced overt discrimination meted out by the Sierra Leone Embassy in Washington at the time due to their perceived political antipathy for Siaka Steven's government, Tegloma has metamorphosed during the last 37 years from a reactionary organization into a philanthropic nonprofit and an ambassador of Sierra Leone culture in the diaspora.

Tegloma Dallas Members Actings as Cultural Ambassadors
Tegloma is now a federation of 24 autonomous chapters in USA, Canada, UK, Gambia and Sierra Leone and plans are underway to launch brand new chapters in Australia and Holland, two countries with growing Sierra Leonean populations. Tegloma has also over the years developed an open door policy to anybody interested in or originating from Sierra Leone, though the majority of its members are from the southern and eastern regions of Sierra Leone.

Tegloma Dallas Chapter
Tegloma joins Ebilleh, Kono Descendants Union, Fula Progressive Union and many other regional Sierra Leone organizations that promote the culture of Sierra Leone in the diaspora and foster unity and kinship amongst their members.

Teaching Culture to the Young
The largest Tegloma Chapters are Tegloma Dallas and Tegloma Washington DC. Several days ago Tegloma Dallas held a cultural extravaganza in the Texas metropolis in which the Sierra Leone culture was on prominent display.

Loving The Sierra Leone Culture
Tegloma International Federation under the leadership of Board Chairman Abu Bonapha of  Northern California and Adminstration Chairman Alfred Moi Jamiru of Indiana will be holding the Annual International Convention in Washington DC from August 31-September 2, 2012. The main host of the convention will be Chief Victor Tarmoh of Tegloma Washington DC metro, which covers Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia

The Secretary General of the board of directors of Tegloma is Sheku Mohamed Mustapha Sheriff of Tegloma Minnesota and the adminstration Secretary General is Jeneba Bangura of Tegloma New York. 


Anonymous said...

Great job kinie Sheku! You Make the Tegloma history plain and real.
Chief Josephine Ladipo
Dallas, Texas

Sheku Sheriff said...

Welcome Chief