Monday, July 23, 2012

Don't Humiliate This Man Any further

Have Mercy!
Ex-Ambassador John Leigh has been very active in his retirement; well at least on Facebook. As Chairman of the SLPP wing of the APC, John Leigh has had a hard time convincing some APC folks that he is genuinely interested in their party and has not just joined them because of anger at his defeat for the SLPP flagbearership by Julius Maada Bio, his rejection as a potential running mate, his search for a job to replenish his repleted retirement savings and simple political opportunism.

Of all the other members of the SLPP wing of the APC, John Leigh has been the most vocal in condemning SLPP because he was particularly nasty in his condemnation of APC when he still maintained the fantasy of leading the main opposition SLPP. John Leigh then accused APC of being rapists, morons, charlatans, traitors and murderers and the SLPP opposition has the tapes and forum records to prove it. So the only way Pa Leigh is going to convince APC folks that he is genuine is to become twice as abusive to the SLPP as he was to the APC, hoping that the more he insults SLPP and Maada Bio on the Internet, the greater will be his chances of acceptance. He has encountered a classic traitors dilemma. How do you trust a betrayer? At your own peril!

Ernest Leigh's self appointed status as the premier Judas of Sierra Leone politics reveals a political naivety that is seldom found in a politician who claims to have so much experience. In the first place there have been many defectors before him who have gone over to other parties and still managed to maintain their sanity. J. B. Dauda and others defected with some element of political maturity. Even Judas Iscariot did not go about publicly hugging the Pharisees and dancing on the streets of Jerusalem when he betrayed Jesus, but John Leigh never learnt the art and principles of defection and he is trying so hard to convince APC folks of his loyalty, that it has become painful to watch. Now we learn that he has been looking for a job, some sort of appointment, but has been told to wait until the elections are over. John Leigh's current dilemma? If APC loses the next elections he is screwed, if they somehow manage to scrape a victory, his future is uncertain, as he has yet to hand over all the SLPP files in his position they are asking for, in order to complete his betrayal.
Don't Do This To Pa Leigh

There are rumors circulating around Freetown that some APC folks intend to tell Ernest Koroma that because of all the nasty things John Leigh has said about him in the past, he should have him crawl on the floor of his office at State House, begging for forgiveness before he can even be made Ambassador of Uzbekistan, a country where the staple meat is a daily ration of camel. I plead with President Ernest Koroma not to humiliate this man further. When a man has sold his loyalty and come begging to you, please do not kick him in the rear.

Heart Attack is no Joke
There are many reasons why John Leigh should not be made to crawl on his stomach. The man may pretend to be young, but he is an old man, with weak muscles. Even  though crawling may seem easy when children are doing, it is a very difficult thing for old men to do, so please spare him this sweat. If any old man does not believe what i am saying just try it in the privacy of your living room.

John Leigh may also be suffering from some heart ailment. For a man who has spent so much money on a quixotic mission to become SLPP flagbearer, John Leigh has endured many heartbreaks and heartache. His heart may not be healthy as it once was. What about if he suddenly gets a heart attack right on his stomach on a carpet in State House? Sierra Leone has already lost a deputy Parliamentary speaker to heart attack, God bless his soul. Do we want another heart attack in such a short a time? So please APC do not make ambassador Leigh crawl on his stomach for a job. Show some mercy

As we all age, our bowels age. When you are young, your bowel is regular like clockwork. You eat, the food digests, you go to the toilet, easy, no drama. For those of us who are growing old, we love some of that regularity...the hazards of aging. Old men like me go through an irregular bowel cycle of constipation and diarrhea. So to adk an old man to crawl on his stomach while decked out in a suit and a red tie is not a biologically sound thing to do. What about if he is on his diarrhea phase of his bowel cycle, won't it just create more work for the already underpaid cleaning staff at State House? Please APC, have mercy on this poor man.

President Koroma, if you want to help this man do so. Do not listen to all the people around you who want to see him sweat. He is frustrated, confused, disappointed and needs help. Don't kick him in the rear.

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