Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Guns Have Started Blazing

Police Heading for the youths
When at the end of the previous year concerned people started complaining about the massive infusion of arms and ammunition into Sierra Leone by the APC led government of Ernest Bai Koroma in a leaked transaction that was supposed to be a clandestine operation, government agents and functionaries with the help of journalistic stooges, dismissed the reports as mere rabble rousing and had the UN rep to the country chased out of town for raising concern about this particular activity, amongst other social ills.

People wanted to know why a government that had come to power by defeating an incumbent government in a violence free election suddenly wanted to import millions of dollars worth of military arsenal into the country in an election year, to arm a section of the police that has always been notorious for its brutality and its antidemocratic credentials from the days of the late Siaka Probyns Stevens.
Brazen Daylight Police Brutality

The OSD that was in the past called the SSD were state paramilitaries that were used in the past to launch indiscriminate attacks on students in the 70s, a notable victim being the same Hindolo Trye who is now so loudly silent on police brutality because he is in the system. The same police branch was used in the 80s by the notoriously sly Bambay Kamara to harass and intimidate college students leading to the defection of many of the student leaders to the rebel training grounds in Ghaddafi's Libya, where the Revolutionary United Front (RUF)plague was born and many of these disgruntled youths fell into the waiting arms of Foday Saybanah Sankoh who was to become one of the most vicious and sadistic rebel leaders in African history.
State Sponsored terrorism

So for the government that took up power on the promise of hope and change, but quickly had the country's currency in free fall with food prices jumping through the roof and banks running out of cash, while drivers slept in long lines to get a few gallons of gas, to suddenly start importing arms on the eve of an election in which the majority of the people were terribly disgruntled was an ominous sign of dark days ahead.
Ernest Koroma's youth Employment

Well the question that was on sane people's mind as to why a government that was barely able to feed its people would suddenly go on a weapon buying spree at such a crucial time in the country's history, seems to have been answered loud and clear and unfortunately it seems to only be the beginning!
The OSD have over the past few months found a target for their new guns, the civilian population. Over the past few months the APC government's security agents have started doing target practice with live ammunition on innocent civilians whose only crime was to peacefully protest against social problems in the country. From Kambia to Bumbuna to now Freetown the capital, the OSD under the leadership of police inspector general Francis Munu and Interior Minister Musa Tarawallie have embarked on a shoot to kill policy for even the smallest public sign of protest.
Musa Fulfilling his pledge

In the latest incident of unnecessary heavy handed police brutality, two innocent youths were killed Tuesday June5, 2012,  for the simple crime of belonging to a neighborhood group that was trying to fight the spate of uncontrolled armed robbery in their area. The group had chased some armed robbers in their area who had managed to escape in a suspicious looking vehicle. The blogger correspondent reports that minutes after the escape,  the police suddenly materialized on the scene, guns blazing and managed to cut down the innocent young men in their prime. Many other youths were wounded in a case of unnecessary police brutality and disregard for human life. The Blogger correspondent on the scene stated that the police had absolutely no need for the gross  human right violation as the real robbers had long fled the scene.
Major General Koroma?

Most people are starting to question whether there is a direct correlation between the high increase in the spate of armed robbery in Freetown and the presence of such heavy weaponry in the hands of very poorly paid security personnel. The blogger investigative team will continue to monitor the degenerating security situation as it unfolds. People in the country seem to be bracing for worse acts of police brutality as elections come near, as there are powerful forces in Sierra Leone and narco-agents in Colombia who now use Sierra leone as a cocaine transit point that are very much interested in maintaining the status-quo against all odds. We will just continue to report these unfortunate events as they unfold.

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