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Ambassador John Leigh Goes Ballistic on Facebook

Several weeks ago I wrote an article on the defection of ex Sierra Leone Ambassador to UN under President Ahmed Tejan Kabbah, John Leigh, from the now opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) to the ruling All Peoples Congress (APC)where he was given a ceremonial welcome into the APC by the current Vice President Sam Sumana and APC Secretary General Victor B. Foh at a hastily convened gathering in Freetown.
Leigh with his New Card
Ambassador Leigh, after trying unsuccessfully to be the SLPP flagbearer on two separate occasions had finally given up any hope of obtaining the coveted position which he claimed to have spent thousands of US dollars trying to attain and had resigned from the party giving a litany of  questionable reasons and pouring scorn, hate and vitriolic on the current leaders of the SLPP, including the current leader Julius Maada Bio, who ex ambassador hates with passion.
After the article which saw a fair amount of traffic to the Segbwema blog, John Leigh took to Fac…

Sierra Leone's Currency over the Decades

Currency of the Settlers  1700s
Currency of the Pre-Independence Era before the 60s

Currency when I was born, late 60s
Currency of the Early 70s to 80s before Momoh-Siaka Probyn Stevens Era

Currency of the I don't Care Era from Joseph Momoh To Now Value of Currency in the Ernest Koroma Era- What the heck!!!!!

Dr. Ben Weller Passes On.

Benjamin 'Ben' F. Weller, age 69, passed away on April 15, 2012.

 Ben Weller was born in Freetown, Sierra Leone, (West Africa) on February 28, 1943. He is preceded in death by his parents, Benjamin and Nellie Weller.

 He attended the Albert Academy (Sierra Leone), Rutgers University (Camden, NJ), University of Winnipeg (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada), and the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he completed his PhD in Political Science. Ben was very interested in world politics. In his life, he attended conferences in numerous countries; Italy, Germany, North and South Korea, U.S. State Department, and other parts of Africa. In the mid 1990's, as part of his PhD coursework, he taught politics at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He also worked at the Department of Multicultural Affairs for the University of Wisconsin-Madison while completing his dissertation. For 13 years, prior to his retirement in early 2011, Ben worked as a Policy Analyst for the State of Wisconsi…

Happy 51st Anniversary Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone, happy anniversary as an independent nation. We know the past 51 years have been tough on you, but though you may have heard this before, better days may be ahead. You have done a lot for your children. You have provided us fertile land to grow our crops. You have filled your rivers from Moa to Scarcies with fishes of every kind for our consumption. You have provided us fertile palm trees to provide us palmoil for our food and palm wine for our entertainment. You have filled our plantations with cocoa and coffee to sell and send our children to school.
You have provided us mineral deposits in abundance. You have given us diamonds so beautiful they have become the envy of the world. You have given us gold, bauxite, rutile, iron ore and now we have heard that you want to add crude oil as one your abundant blessed gifts to us, what can we say, but thank you.
You have given us the best weather anywhere on earth. We are plagued by neither the extremes of heat nor the extremes of…

Nyuma's Big Welcome to the Empty Streets of Kailahun

A few weeks ago, a high level delegation of the ruling  All peoples Congress Party (APC) of Sierra Leone, made their way through the torturous eastern terrain and horrible Kenema-Kailahun road, one of the most neglected and dangerous roads on the face of the earth; sometimes called "hell's highway, to present Sierra Leone Peoples Party ( SLPP) turncoat and now APC strongman Tom Nyuma to the people of the town of Kailahun, where he is the current SLPP district chairman. Tom Nyuma is one of the newest entrants into the SLPP wing of the APC, currently populated by such high profile SLPP defectors like Dr. Lansana Nyallay of Tegloma fame, Joseph Bandabla Dauda, Tom Nyuma himself and most recently,  the garrulous ex-Ambassador John Leigh.

Tom Nyuma it can be recalled, was a major player in the 1992-1996 National Provisional Revolutionary Council (NPRC) regime that chased the then APC leader, Rtd. Major General Joseph Saidu Momoh out of power and the country, on the unusually cold…

Sierra Leone Convicts Charles Taylor

Charles Taylor, former warlord and ex-president of Liberia, who was dragged from the presidency and brought before the Sierra Leone Special Court several years ago was this morning convicted of indirect involvement in the genocide and horrendous crimes perpetrated by elements of Revolutionary United Front on the civilian populace of Sierra Leone during that country's bloody civil war.

Charles Taylor, was a former Liberian civil servant found guilty of embezzlement of state funds. He was caught and jailed in USA, but managed to escape under dubious circumstances, only to emerge as the head of a rebel movement called the National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL) that had as its main purpose the overthrow of the bloody Liberian Dictator Samuel Kanyon Doe. Taylor's war against Doe was initially popular as Samuel K. Doe was a vicious and cold blooded killer who used state security forces to eliminate his rivals by announcing regular coup attempts against his government and brutal…

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