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A very Haram Christmas in Nigeria

Christmas day was yesterday supposed to be a day of festivities in Nigeria, when Christians in the populous African country were expected to be celebrating the birth of the savior Jesus Christ. However Christmas day 25th December, 2011 became a day of carnage and mayhem in many parts of Nigeria, when members of the Islamist group Boko Haram decided to go on an organized murdering spree by attacking churches with explosives and gunfire in at least 4 States in the country, killing at least 40 people, and wounding and maiming hundreds more.

The Boko Haram sect whose name translates as "western education is sacrilege" is a purportedly Islamic radical organization that is advocating for the implementation of ancient interpretations of Islamic Sharia law throughout the populous and multi-religious federal republic of Nigeria. The fact that millions of Nigerians are not Muslims does not matter to members of this sect whose ultimate goal is the establishment of a Taliban style theo…