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Segbwema My Home Town

My name is Sheku Sheriff and I just love writing about Segbwema, my home town. I was born on the 14th day of December, many years ago in Nixon Memorial Hospital Segbwema, one of the few teaching hospitals in West Africa at the time. I grew up on Lansana Street in Taiama, the area of Segbwema that is settled mainly by the Mende ethnic group. Segbwema is one of the main towns in the Eastern region of Sierra Leone.
Segbwema is a hilly town that is divided roughly in two by the small river Nyeya, which is a tributary of the Maleh river. The town belongs to and is the headquarters of Njaluahun chiefdom, a major chiefdom nestled between the Moa and Maleh rivers. Njaluahun is bounded by the eastern chiefdoms of Nongowa, Jawei and Kpeje. Contrary to popular descriptions of Segbwema as a purely Mende town, Segbwema is one of the most diverse small towns in Sierra Leone and the human geography of the town reflects this diversity
The main indigenous ethnic group in Segbwema as the case in m…