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A Doctor Writes about Health Care in Segbwema

Matters of Life and Death: A Reflection on Health Care in Segbwema, Sierra Leone Since my first extended stay in Southern Africa for a year before starting university, there have been several return trips to the West of the continent, both to gain experience with charitable organisations and for holidays. Whether fascination, curiosity or the refreshing change that comes with being in an environment that hustles and bustles to meet the necessities of daily life, there must be something which draws me to the continent. Five years through a medical degree, I have just returned from spending two months at Nixon Memorial Hospital, in Segbwema, a small town in the Eastern Province of Sierra Leone. At the end of my stay, I joined what appears to be an ever growing list of fortunate people, who have experienced Peter and Janice’s hospitality in Freetown. I hope I can add some reflections and comparisons of health in a very rural region of the country to their blog.

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