Chief Francess Turay's inauguration-Tegloma Chicago

On June 22nd 2010, we were in the windy city,
Chicago, to attend the inaugural ceremony of the first female Tegloma Chief from Illinois, Mrs Francess Turay. After a 600 mile journey from Minneapolis, The Tegloma Minnesota Chapter, led by Chief Hassan Kamara and wife Safia, and accompanied by Tegloma Federation Board Asst Sec. General Sheku Sheriff (Segbwema Moi) and Mrs. Kadie Kamara arrived at the residence of their hosts Mr Andrew and Mrs laura Banya late in the evening. The Minnesota Delegation was treated to a sumptuous dinner the likes of which can only be seen in high budget movies.
After dining and bathing, the Minnesota delegation headed for the inaugural hall, a Tegloma member owned establishment, to attend the inaugural ceremonies.
Chief Turay's inaugural ceremony was a masterpiece, as the Chicago chapter members spared no expense to put on an elaborate show. The ceremony, steeped in Sierra leone culture and tradition, was ably conducted by Chief Alfred Jamiru, the ever enthusiastic Tegloma International Federation Chairman, under the watchful eyes of the traditionally vast and exceptionally knowledgeable Alhaji Allie Mustapha, Chairman Board of Directors, Tegloma federation. All the Chiefs of the Tegloma Midwest Coalition; from Ohio, Indiana, Minnesota, Chicago, Wisconsin, Indiana, and new chapter Missouri were present, and delegates came from all the four corners of the Tegloma Federation. Unfortunately, the Segbwema blogger was unable to charge his digital camera battery, and it died before the lord of the dance, the Goboii, came out to perform. the performance of the Chicago Goboii was magnificient, but that story will have to wait for another day. In the meantime, enjoy the pictures.


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