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Always stand up for your right in America

Samba Kokofele was a born survivor. In 1988 his father, BoakaiKokofele, had won a scholarship to study medicine in Cuba. Boakai had left Samba and his wife Baindu with his parents in Jojoima and left the shores of Sierra Leone with grand ambitions. Cuba had proven to be a big disappointment to Boakai as everything, including news was tightly controlled and there was a shortage of almost everything.

He missed the taste of newly harvested native rice, "makondo" fish, palm wine; straight from the tree, and fresh palm oil, but most of all he missed being unable to communicate with his wife and son back in Sierra Leone. Living in Cuba was like living in a large detention camp and so, on the first opportunity he had to go Venezuela for vacation, Boakai never went back. He was able to stowaway on a merchant ship bound for Miami harbor in USA. He lived as an illegal immigrant in USA for many years, doing odd jobs and living anonymously for many years before he could get a permanent r…