Tegloma Midwest Coalition Meeting

On saturday October 10th 2009, there was a meeting of the Tegloma Midwest Coalition at the Center for Families in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Indiana, Minnesota, Chicaco, and Wisconsin chapter were present. Ohio and Manitoba did not send delegates. Given the Tegloma Federation's current focus on developing regional chapter coalitions, the Tegloma Midwest Coalition was seen as a model that other regions may emulate.

Present in the meeting were the Chairman of The Board of Tegloma Federation, Alhaji A. Mustapha, who was in town for the Minnesota inauguration, the Current Federation Chair Mr. Alfred Moi Jamiru, Ex Federation Chair Mr. Sam Saidu, Federation Asst Sec. Gen Mr. Amos Allie and Asst Soc. Sec Mr. Peter Kamanda (Sowei)

A representative of Hartford's Cultural life Insurance program was also at hand to brief delegates about the cultural life insurance program, how it worked and its advantages. He also stated that the program was open to all cultural associations in USA with a minimum of 15 members.

There were discussions on a range of issues affecting the the Midwest Coalition, individual chapters and the Federation at large. Dr. Sam Kormoi used the opportunity to talk about the Dr. Joseph Williams foundation and the Fundraiser in Chicago on the 24th October 2009. Members were also informed about the 40th Day ceremony for the late Mr. Kpandeyenge of Chicago was going to be on Friday October 23rd, 2009. The meeting ended with elections. Mr Joshua Murray was elected to head the coalition, with Rev. Titus Gebeh being the vice. On hand to coordinate activities were members of the Minnesota chapter. The Coalition meeting was followed in the evening by the Inauguration of the executive of Tegloma Minnesota chapter, headed by Mr. Hassan Kamara.


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