Tegloma-Aloysious Foh's Administration Steps Down.

After having served as Chairman of the Tegloma federation for two consecutive terms, Aloysious M. Foh formally handed over the Staff of Office to Alhaji Mustapha Mansaray, the Chairman of the Federation Board of Directors on Sunday, September 6th, 2009 at the Russell Auditorium in Dorchester, Massachusetts.

At the well attended ceremony, chairman Foh allowed every member of his outgoing administration to express their appreciation to the general membership. He then went on to express his appreciation to all those present for the opportunity he was given to serve the organization in the capacity of Federation chair, stating that the experience has made him a better person. He professed love for those who had worked with him and professed equal love for those with whom he was not able to agree with. At the end of his speech the delegates present expressed their appreciation by carrying him shoulder high around the auditorium accompanied by traditional Sierra Leonean singing.


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