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Tegloma Cultural Invasion-Ohio Mini Convention 2009

Tegloma Ohio Chapter who hosted this year's mini convention and the Tegloma International Federation delegates, introduced the Ohio community and other Americans to the rich cultural diversity of Sierra Leone, by putting on a traditional show worthy of a major cultural award. Men and women elegantly decked in elaborately embroidered African costumes, traditional music, traditional food and such popular Sierra Leone masquerades as the "Goboi", "Sowei", and "Nafali", with Cultural dancers led by the musical star Big Joe provided delighted Americans an amazing view of the wealth and depth of Sierra Leone's cultural heritage.

In all fairness to the Tegloma Ohio Chapter, they have raised the bar for mini conventions and their executive and members deserve to be thoroughly commended for hosting and making this year's mini convention such a memorable event. The New England chapter who hosts the main convention later this year has to work really hard …

Tegloma Mini Convention Ohio-Random pictures


Tegloma Board Meeting Pictures


Tegloma Mini Convention, Columbus Ohio May 2009 Day 1

The annual Mini-Convention of Tegloma Federation Inc, was held this year in Columbus Ohio on May 22-24 2009. By Thursday delegates from all over the continental USA and Canada had started slowly arriving at the Columbus Inn North Hotel, where accomodations were provided for the delegates and guests. On Friday most of the guest had arrived and the convention started with a board meeting chaired by Alhaji Mustapha, the Federation board chairman and attended by Mr. Aloysious M. Foh, the Tegloma Federation president.
The board meeting was very productive and matters of great importance to Tegloma and Sierra leone were discussed. At the end of the meeting, the guests were treated to a sumptuous feast of Sierra leone dishes and left to prepare for the night's activities, the main part of which involved the formal introduction of the delegates.
On Friday night the delegates from the numerous Tegloma chapters were introduced and there was much interaction as people who had not seen each ot…