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Tegloma Convention in Chicago this weekend

Tegloma International federation is meeting in Chicago this weekend for the annual international convention. As a member of the Board of Tegloma Federation, I pray and hope this convention would be devoted to exploring ideas that would increase the relevance of Tegloma in the lives of the people it represents and that of the Sierra Leone populace in general.

My particular hope is that Tegloma starts devoting the majority of the income we generate towards expanding charitable causes in Sierra Leone. As a board member representing the great state of Minnesota and my home districts of Kailahun and Kenema,I have set myself the following goals, and would work assiduously to ensure that they are transmitted to the general membership.
1. The expansion of the scholarship program in the interior of the country: I believe that this expansion should be both geographical and numerical
2. Initiation of a clothing drive to benefit amputees in Sierra Leone: Growing up in Sierra Leone, we all have f…

The swift boaters are out

In November 2008, the American people will decide who will be the leader of this great country for the next four years. The choice is between an old war hawk, who believes that freedom should be spread around the world by force of arms and that America should continue down the path of unilateralism that has steadily eroded the nation's respect around the world and a young charismatic senator who believes in multilateral dialogue, economic progress and believes that the war on terror should be a global battle.

The last seven years has been particularly tough in America. The Bush administration has over these years adopted a mono focal outlook that has been almost based on Iraq, almost to the exclusion of everything else. The war in Iraq was waged on the premise of eliminating weapons of mass destruction and the emancipation of the Iraqi people from the clutches of the purportedly evil and murderous dictator Saddam Hussein Al Takriti. The war was launched, Saddam was toppled and eve…