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June Graduations

Last June was reserved for school graduations. The Johnson, Momoh, Saidu and Massaquoi families and many other Sierra Leonean families in Minnesota and across the USA were grateful and ecstatic to see their sons and daughters graduate from high school and get ready for college.

These families had every right to be happy. They had spent years taking these kids to soccer, ballet and basketball practices., treating them with trips to McDonalds and KFC for special achievements and birthdays. Raising children in America is a real sacrifice in time and finances. So it is a real relief whenever children pay back by graduating from high school without becoming menaces to society.

We sometimes blame American children for their lack of regard for elders, rough manners and "I don't care" lifestyles. We must be mindful of the fact though that these kids did not grow up in the small Sierra Leone towns and villages with rigid social structures, in which we grew up. We were thoroughly …

Wesley Secondary School, Segbwema-My school

Sierra Leone lost a lot during the ten year civil war in the country. At the end of the colonial era and the decade immediately following independence, a lot of effort was made by government and christian missions to build schools in the hinterlands of Sierra Leone, with a view to addressing the educational disparities or imbalances that existed between the Western Area of Freetown and its suburbs and the rest of the country.

Educational disparities between the hinterlands and the western area was not a deliberate policy of the colonialists, but a result of the unique history of Sierra Leone. The original colony was comprised of lands that had been obtained by the British from local chiefs around the western coastal areas that later became t Freetown and its Peninsula. These lands, obtained by dubious treaties at best, became the home of freed slaves and recaptives and represented the Sierra Leone colony. Freetown was the capital and the other Peninsula settlements were named after Br…