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A solid Traditional Institution

Paramount Chieftaincy in the Eastern region of Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is a small tropical country on the West Coast of Africa, surrounded by Guinea on the north, Liberia on the southeast and the Atlantic Ocean on the west. The country has a very long rainy season of seven months and the capital city, Freetown, is fondly called by Sierra Leoneans as the city of the “seven days rain,” where it can rain with very brief interruptions for an entire week. The country is very green as a result with luscious vegetation throughout the better part of any year. Sierra Leone is approximately 72000 square kilometers. The Northern part of the country is very rich Savannah like agricultural land, ideal for rice, fruit and palm cultivation. The Eastern and southern parts are more tropical and suited for tree crops such as Cocoa and Coffee. Approximately 45% of the country is located on Diamond rich land. The diamonds have been both a blessing and a curse. They have been a source of immense wealth f…

Laughing time

Jokes and short stories from Sierra Leone

The Chimpanzee
A bar owner had a small chimpanzee that was always sad and never laughed. This bar owner became so concerned that he offered free drinks for a full day to anyone who would make his melancholy chimp laugh. The news soon got around about the challenge and many people from various parts of Freetown came to try their luck.

Days passed into weeks, and weeks into months, but no one was able to make this sad little chimp laugh, despite so many tries. The bar owner had just about given up hope when one day, a scrawny, pale complexioned and prematurely aging fellow came into the bar. He was wearing baggy trousers a few sizes too large that were held firmly to his waist by an ancient belt that had seen betters times about half a decade ago. His shoes were a few sizes too small and seemed glued and contoured to his feet.

This fellow came up to the bar owner and said he was there for the challenge to make the chimp laugh. The bar owner looked a…

Addressing Poverty in Sierra Leone

Over the decade, Sierra Leone has consistently earned the distinction of either being at the bottom of the human development index or being very close to it. In simple terms our country is regarded as the worst place to live in the world.
There are a lot of places on earth today that are far more dangerous and unstable than Sierra Leone; Somalia,Democratic republic of Congo, the Gaza strip in Palestine, Darfur in Sudan, Chechnya, to name but a few. There are also other countries with worse economic indicators. Take Zimbabwe for instance, where inflation is at runaway rates or Guinea Bissau, a country that seems to have no clue at modern governance.
So why is Sierra Leone, which is now relatively stable and has had democratic governance, however fragile it may be, for the better part of a decade considered to be the poorest country in the world?This question was posed by a friend at a recent Christmas party I attended (see details at I will attempt …

Tegloma Rocks Brooklyn Park

Tegloma Minnesota chapter had our Christmas party yesterday. Every relevant Tegloma Minnesota chapter member was there with the few exception of those who were unable to attend due to job conflicts. The DJ was Banky and his performance was remarkable. Mr Hassan Kamara, the vice president, was our impromptu master of ceremonies. Mr. Sheku Sheriff, the secretary general introduced the president, Mrs Elizabeth Momoh. Mr Sheriff praised Mrs. Momoh for her dedication to the organization and her love for Sierra Leoneans in general. Under her leadership, Tegloma in Minnesota has become a driving force in propagating Sierra leonean unity and fostering goodwill among the small West African community here in the Twin Cities. The President thanked all the attendees and all the members that had joined in 2007. She also expressed her gratitude to the old members and appealed to all Sierra leoneans to endeavor to belong to a national association. She thanked Mr. Jonathan Rose and all the pioneering…