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Sa Lone Weekend

Hi all, the last weekend was a salone weekend. A lot of people will want to know what salone weekend is. Well, let me explain. Out here in Minnesota USA, we have many African immigrants. The main African groups are Somalis and Liberians. We however have a respectable amount of Sierra Leoneans. Given the close relationship that exists between Liberia and Sierra Leone, the earlier Liberian and Sierra Leonean settlers in this state decided to have alternate weekends to have programs so that it would not disturb each other's activies. Liberians have their activities every other weekend and Sierra Leoneans have theirs the following, so as avoid conflicts and to allow each other to attend the other's activities. Last Ramadan weekend was a salone weekend. Because of the fact that we were undecided between Ramadan falling on Friday or Saturday, we did not have a main program outlined for the weekend. However, some of us that live along the Zane corridor in Brooklyn Park decided to…