Sierra leone People

Sierra leone people
As readers of my blog would have understood by now, I love people. When I go to parties or other social occasions, I usually go with a camera. (I Love Sony and Canon cameras). I love to surprise people I developed a love for photography when I was in Sierra Leone Grammar School. At Grammar school, every student was encouraged to be part of a club. As a poor boy from Segbwema who could not afford to go to club activities, I chose the photography club, the most dormant club in school.
I got my first camera in sixth form and have grown to love photography from henceforth. My main hobby here in America is taking pictures of Sierra Leoneans. I love the way Sierra Leoneans dress. The variety of rich costumes in any party just baffles me. Women from my country know how to balance color and I just marvel at the intricate designs of their dresses and their regal bearing . Anyway pictures speak more than words. Look and behold.


Anonymous said…
i must say that i am deeply facinated by the special interest you have in people, their unity and most importantly, their progress(progress of your mother land, Africa). as your former student nine years ago,i continue to be proud of you for the life changing gestures to humanity in general. i have always known you to be a very intelligent lecturer so am not suprised that you can do more by the days.
Bumi Camara
Banjul The Gambia

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