Election News

Hi all Sierra leoneans, As You may have heard by now, The Sierra Leone people's Party lost the 2007 presidential elections to the All People's congress. This means that for one of the few times in the history of Africa, a ruling party has been forced out of office by the opposition.

Regardless of what anybody may say about the SLPP, they have twice had to give up power through democratic means, which is no small record, given the tendency of African leaders to cling on to power at all costs. Looking at the Mugabes, Qhaddafis, Campaores, Omar Bongos, Lansana Contes, can demonstrate how progressive Sierra Leone is as a country.

Even as I congratulate Ernest Koroma, I will implore him to continue this trend and not reverse the democratic gains that have been achieved. When the people are allowed to freely decide those that rule them. Leaders will become more accountable and focused on national interests rather than narrow interests or self preservation.

Long live our country Sierra Leone and successful tenure to the new administration.


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