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Happy 57th Independence Anniversary to all Sierra Leoneans

We here at the Segbwema Blog would like to wish every Sierra Leonean at home and abroad a happy 57th Independence Anniversary. We pray that the next few years will bring positive and lasting changes in the country.

This 57th year, our celebration of Freedom coincides with the election of a new leader and the promise of a new direction. Just a month ago, the people of our country looked at the many candidates before them vying for national leadership and decided to settle for a familiar face.

Rtd. Brigadier Julius Maada Bio, who had briefly led Sierra Leone during the bitter years of the war and initiated the first dialogue with the rebels of the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) that ultimately led to the attainment of peace was chosen among the lot to help steer the country in a different direction for the next five years.

We wish the new President success. Unless the people of Sierra Leone have decided to embrace suffering and misery as their destiny among the countries of the earth…

Mohamed Bangura and the Sierra Leone Constitution

I listened to Mohamed Bangura, the SLPP turned PMDC, turned UDM, turned APC spokesman and truly, he sounded like a born joker trying to be serious. This very bloke who just a year ago was threatening to block social media in Sierra Leone is now preaching the virtues of the Constitution to others.
Honestly, APC members shouting about respecting the constitution of Sierra Leone is like a pickpocket preaching the Ten Commandments in church and skipping the line about, "Thou shalt not steal."
When APC was in power, they deprived lawfully elected politicians from their seats in parliament, stating they were paid from the consolidated fund. APC members created a legal loophole to get rid of the Parliamentary speaker, removed the Vice President by trickery, appointed the same Mohamed Bangura with bogus educational certificates, even though they had  allegedly removed Sam Sumana for doing the same.
APC even arrested our SLPP member of Parliament for Kailahun Constitution 007, Robin…

Two Tegloma International Inc. members Bag Impressive Awards in the USA

Mrs. Alice Karpeh, a Nurse Midwife,  pioneer and founding member of the Sierra Leone based- Minnesota, USA health care nonprofit Rural health Care Initiative (RHCI) will receive a Distinguished Humanitarian Award from the National Organization of Sierra Leoneans in North America (NOSLINA) on Saturday May 5th, 2018.  

The very competitive Distinguished Humanitarian Award is given by NOSLINA in recognition of outstanding contribution to poverty reduction, national reconstruction and rehabilitation, and supply of educational and health resources in ways that improve access and service to groups of needy, impoverished Sierra Leoneans at home. Mrs. Alice Karpeh was also the Vice President of  Tegloma Minnesota chapter.
Rural health Care Initiative works with the people of Tikonko chiefdom in Sierra Leone to provide culturally appropriate health care and improve quality of life by increasing access to family focused care. 
The organization recently inaugurated the Mbao-Mi Birth Waiting Home, t…

Ex-Vice President Retires from Politics in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone's outgoing Vice President, Ambassador Victor Bockarie Foh, has in a letter written to his All Peoples Congress (APC) party, tendered his resignation from active party politics in the country.
Victor Bockarie Foh who was the former Secretary General of the All Peoples Congress party and also very instrumental in that party regaining its former glory, was the Sierra Leone Ambassador to China prior to being given the Vice President portfolio following the scandalous removal from office of the then Vice President Alhaji Chief Sam Sumana.
The role that Victor Foh played around the removal of his immediate predecessor still remains murky and shrouded in mystery, as he was initially seen as being very close to Chief Sam Sumana. However, many Sierra Leone political pundits agree that the decision to remove the then vice president  may have cost the the APC party the presidency, as many of the people from Sumana's Kono district defected from APC in droves during the past …

Democracy Can be Beautiful When it Works

When it works, democracy can be truly  beautiful. For many years in West Africa, the only way you could get leaders out of  power was through military coups, natural deaths or violent and sometimes bloody political insurrection.

Most post-independent West African leaders only left power dead or exiled. Those that stayed in power for long left legacies of political disappearances and the graves of their political adversaries. Up til now, Gambians are still coming to grasp with the legacy of their last President Yahya Jammeh, even as mass graves are discovered on a regular basis.

In the past few years there have been democratic transfers of power with the defeat of ruling parties in polls in Senegal, Nigeria, Ghana, Gambia, Liberia and now Sierra Leone. In West Africa of the 60s, 70s and 80s,  this was mostly unheard of.  But these days, it is becoming the norm, and West Africans are liking it.

In the past, West Africa's intellectual elite who advocated for changes in leadership or…

Maada Bio Becomes President of Sierra Leone

Rtd. Brigadier Julius Maada Bio is once again the leader of the Republic of Sierra Leone! As they say, you can never put a good man down. He may stumble, but he will always rise up again.
Yesterday, His Excellency, our President, the Fountain of Honor,  Rtd. Brigadier Julius Maada Wonnie Bio was sworn into office by Sierra Leone's Chief Justice immediately after the results of the runoff elections were announced and he was declared victorious.
Many of Maada's political adversaries never truly believed that he would lead the country again. Many had long ago written his political obituary. But like a bad dream, he is back. Ready to lead.
With singular determination and tenacity, Maada has weathered all the storms of doubt and has given a new meaning to the adage "who God blesses no man can curse." In these days of WhatsApp and Facebook, Sierra Leone like many other countries, has seen an unparalleled  introduction of nastiness into the country's politics. Maada B…

Ghanaian Ex-President John Dramani Mahama Addresses Bogus Allegations of Election Interference

I arrived in Accra this evening to a flurry of social media stories and other worrying reports attributed to officials of the Sierra Leonean Government, that I had cut short my mission and left Freetown because of my support for one of the Candidates and Political Parties in the just ended Presidential Run-off election.
As Chair of the Commonwealth Observer Group to the Sierra Leone Election, I was officially due to complete my Mission and leave Sierra Leone on Monday April 02, 2018, via Kenya Airways as per the ticket bought and issued to me by the Commonwealth Secretariat in London. Following multiple issues that arose just when the tallying of the result from the run-off began, I was requested through a call from the Secretary General of The Commonwealth, Baroness Scotland, to stay one more day to work with my colleague Heads of International Observer Missions to resolve issues that had stalled the tallying process. My departure was therefore delayed until Tuesday April 03, 201…

Bubu King Ahmed Janka Nabay Passes Away in Sierra Leone

Ahmed Janka Nabay, who popularized the uniquely Sierra Leone  "Bubu Music" has sadly passed away in his country of birth Sierra Leone at the age of 54.
Bubu is traditional music of the Temne ethnic group of Northern Sierra Leone, but it's infectious horns and captivating beats always made it a popular form of music in all corners of the country.
For those of us who grew up around the Sierra Leone capital Freetown, Bubu was the staple music of the popular lantern parades that were part of  the Muslim festivities associated with the end of the holy month of Ramadan. Bubu added a unique Sierra Leonean flair to the Muslim festivities. Many people occasionally associate Bubu as being somehow affiliated with Islam, but Bubu Music predates Islam in Sierra Leone and is part of the indigenous musical landscape of the country.
Ahmed Janka Nabay rose to prominence in Sierra Leone during the tough years of the civil war when he released a popular hit "Somebody" that infu…