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The Sun Sets on Jammeh Babili Mansa

Yahya Jammeh is now slowly starting to realize that the base of his castle was built on a foundation of sand.
One of my Nigerian friends who knows President Buhari very well told me some days ago that the Nigerian President did not like stubborn people. So when President Buhari came last Friday to Gambia and left very hastily, leaving behind the other members of his delegation, it was very clear that things had fallen apart. My friend told me in no uncertain terms that Yahya Jammeh had made a grave and existential mistake.
Today, as Senegalese troops entered Gambia and rolled through the empty roads of the country easily, meeting no military resistance but people in the villages cheering them on, it was very clear that all the loud threats made by Yahya Jammeh over the past few weeks had just been a load of hot air.
Even though it is rumored that military elements loyal to Ex-President Yahya Jammeh were planning surprise night attacks on the foreign troops, such an action would be …

West Africa Ready to Pounce on Jammeh

Some weeks ago, the embattled loser of the Gambian elections, incumbent President Yahya Jammeh, asked "who the hell" were West African leaders to ask him to hand over power. He vowed on national TV to resist any attempt to force him from power. As the midnight deadline given to him by the international community approaches, Jammeh is demonstrating to the whole world that he will not go quietly. He will rather die or spend the rest of his life in jail rather than be president.

Earlier today, Halifa Sallah, the spokesperson for the coalition government in waiting, gave a very detailed account of everything that had been done by the coalition to ensure that there was a peaceful resolution to the current crisis. He stated that even in the midst of the unfair treatment of the opposition by the incumbent president, they had continued to stress to the supporters of the coalition, the necessity to see that peace prevailed and nobody was attacked, so that the country would not degene…

Latest from The Jammeh Show: Yahya Jammeh Settling for Violence

By deciding to impose a State of Emergency in The Gambia yesterday, all in a desperate bid to prevent the January 19th Inauguration of President-Elect Adama Barrow, Yahya Jammeh, the country's long term dictator, seems to have finally battened the last door on peace in his small and beautiful country.

Throughout his 22 year rule and even during the current conflict, Yahya Jammeh has shown himself to be a man with the mentality of a nail. The only thing a nail understands is a hammer. ECOWAS and the rest of the world wanted a peaceful resolution to the Gambian crisis, but as it stands, the West African community will soon have no other option, but to hammer Jammeh very hard, so that he can realize that being the president of a country does not make that country your personal property and that multilateral agreements between nation states are not comedic jokes.

Like Laurent Gbagbo, Hosni Mubarak, Charles Taylor, Muammar Ghaddafi, Idi Amin and Blaise Campaore, to name a few, Yahya J…

Gambian Updates: When Children Don't Listen to their Parents-The Jammeh Show

Last week Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari was in Gambia to try to talk to that country's recalcitrant, soon to be ex-president, Yahya Jammeh, in order for him to see reason and hand over power peacefully to the man who won the country's December 2016 elections, President-Elect Adama Barrow. Of course, as some predicted and most expected, Yahya Jammeh did not listen.

The choice of President Muhammadu Buhari to lead the delegation talking to Jammeh was both symbolic and strategic. Like Jammeh, Buhari had led Nigeria both as a soldier and a civilian. Buhari has known what it was to lose power, he himself having once being overthrown in a military coup. Both men are devout Muslims, although Buhari, unlike Jammeh, does not walk about with a Quran and prayer beads, but leaves statements about his faith between him and his God. Both men had been career military officers, with Buhari having a more decorated  and longer military career than Jammeh. Buhari had also led a military o…

Dear President Jammeh

Dear Yahya Abjul-Aziz,Don't you wish you could go all over to 1994 and do it again? You remember when you took over the leadership of the country? Thousands of men, women and youths were cheering for you.  A fresh face and a new start was all they wanted from you and your colleagues. The people believed you, when you said you will work for them. They believed you when you condemned Jawara for amassing wealth while the people lived in poverty and squalor. They believed you when you said no man should rule for too long. They believed you when you said never again will a Gambian child go to bed and cry for lack of food and opportunity. Today Yahya, you have become worse than what you condemned. Jawara may have ruled longer than you, but he did not have the blood on his hands that you do. He did not make wives widows, children fatherless and parents weep over the loss of their young sons and daughters. You looked at life and you took it away. Is that why you are scared? Is that why yo…

Gambians Should not Fall for Jammeh's New Moves

Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh is currently in somewhat of a jam. This past Monday, his appeal against the election results in his country couldn't go ahead, as there were not enough judges in the country to preside over the case. 
On Wednesday he stopped a delegation of West African leaders who were on their way to Banjul to try and convince him to peacefully  handover on January 19th to the winner of the country's Presidential elections, Adama Barrow. They are due to head to Gambia today, if he allows them in.
As if things were not bad enough, Gambian Communication Minister Sheriff Bojang, one of Jammeh's strongest allies has defected from the government and absconded to Senegal, accusing his ally of "an attempt to subvert the will" of the Gambian people, by refusing to handover power to the candidate who had clearly won the country's December 2016 elections. Sheriff Bojang had led the withdrawal of Gambia from the ICC and was a renowned Jammeh loyalist. A …

How to Stop WhatsApp from Clogging Your Phone Storage

WhatsApp is a very popular social media tool for sending pictures, videos and documents over even poor data networks. This makes WhatsApp extremely popular in third world countries like Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone, where slow data connection speeds are currently the norm.

Unfortunately, WhatsApp by default is set to automatically download media content on to your phone, making the phone slow, unwieldy and sometimes causing it to freeze. Sometimes you wake up in the morning and find all sorts of audio and video content downloaded automatically on to your phone, especially if you belong to many WhatsApp group forums. Sierra Leoneans never ask your permission before subscribing you to their forums. We do not have a very formal culture.
However, unwanted audio and video media quickly fills the storage on your phone, and if you are in a country like Sierra Leone with not enough money for expandable storage, or only have a cheap knockoff Android Chinese phone, this can be a real probl…

Jammeh's Defiant New Year's Message

In a very defiant New Year's message to Gambians and the international community, Gambia's President Sheikh Professor Alhaji Doctor Yahya A. J. J. Jammeh Babili Mansa has reiterated his total rejection of the call by ECOWAS leaders for him to step down peacefully and hand over to the president elect and eight party coalition candidate Adama Barrow on January 19th 2017.
In a rather paradoxical  opening statement, Jammeh stated that, " It has become a tradition that when we enter a new year, we as God fearing people renew our faith in Allah, our submission to his will and our pledge to do good and avoid Satanic temptations to do evil."
The beleaguered President then proceeded to completely deviate from this opening statement and launch into a summarized version of his decision to initially accept the results of the country's elections in which which he clearly lost the vote, only to backtrack several days later and announce that he totally rejected the results, h…