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Mamba TV's Interview with LUC Almamy Bangura

I just finished listening to a phone interview of the Local Unit Commander of Kabala, one Inspector Almamy Bangura, conducted by Mustapha Wai of the popular Sierra Leone focused, US based, Mamba TV Network. Kabala is a town in Sierra Leone where police recently opened fire on a group of young protestors killing and wounding some and arresting many more.
Listening to the police inspector gave me the sinking feeling that probably many of the leaders of the modern Sierra Leone police force have very little understanding of  what democratic expression and human rights truly means. I have no idea what the curriculum of the Sierra Leone police training school teaches, but the Kabala Inspector's interview definitely points to the fact that many police in the country simply do not understand the role the police force is supposed to play in a multiparty democracy. Historically, the Sierra Leone police grew to maturity under the country's dictatorial one party and military regimes.  In…

A Voice of Hope Goes Out in Sierra Leone

One of the most prominent of the next generation of leaders in Sierra Leone, Moseray Gabril Fadika, a young successful business man and one of the new crop of ruling All Peoples Party (APC) politicians passed away suddenly in the United Kingdom yesterday, while on a European tour popularizing his bid to become the flagbearer of the ruling APC party in the 2018 Presidential elections. Moseray Fadika had overnight become a political sensation in Sierra Leone, especially among youthful APC supporters. His populist campaign, with a political platform based on the elimination of poverty, resonated particularly well in a country where 80% of the citizens live in abject poverty. He is one of the few politicians in Sierra Leone to have cross party appeal.
Moseray's personal doctrine was, "We are born poor, but we must not die poor." He himself symbolized  the doctrine. He and his brothers rose from humble origins to become some of the most prominent political and business leade…